Bazooka Rocks 3 is Coming: A Senses Fail Heartbreak and Revenge Playlist (aka #Hugot)

Bazooka Rocks 3 is Coming: A Senses Fail Heartbreak and Revenge Playlist (aka #Hugot)


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Taking their origins from New Jersey, Senses Fail made their debut into the post-hardcore/screamo scene in 2002. The band was formed after Buddy Nielson posted an online ad attracting the first member lineup.

Disclaimer: All #hugot moments and realisations in this article are just my two cents. Just saying.


10. Bloody Romance (Album: From the Depth of Dreams)

Even at your weakest moment, he turns the other way. Even on your dying day, all you’ll ever be is a ghost to her. You were once “like one heartbeat”, but the romance has bled out and you’re just a fool in your blood.

#hugot lines: “Back into what I thought I knew, these words inside me, tell me what to do

                          My heart held, in the palm of your hand

                          (Forget my name)

                          Now I know, the way to go, this place inside my demented mind”



9. One Eight Seven (Album: From the Depths of Dreams)

This song is best dedicated to the ex that left you as good as dead – the one who ripped your heart out and stole your soul. You’re still alive, but just a little crazier and thirstier for sweet payback.

#hugot lines: “But why did I ever let you inside my heart? I’m such a fool.

                          Paint my face in shades of blood and grey

                          And take the seat right next to me

                          But I should have known that you were a killer

                          But now I’m dead”



8. Tie Her Down (Album: Let It Enfold You)

My all-time favorite Senses Fail album because of all the #hugot moments it has. Sometimes, you just have fantasies of hatching the ultimate plan of revenge against that one person who took your heart and shattered it into an irreparable state. It’s okay, it’s all in your head. So why not get graphic?

#hugot lines: “So love me gently with a chainsaw

                          And take the glass against your wrists

                          You know I am your worst nightmare

                          Oh how you love my bloody kiss”



7. Lady in a Blue Dress (Album: Let It Enfold You)

That snake who’s been attaching him or herself to your lover with a complete lack of identity is crying over his or her problems and looking for that rebound friend. Unfortunately, that rebound is either your partner or you. Check ’em out live in this video.

#hugot lines: “You say that you want respect

                          Well then you better get some from yourself

                           Cause all that I see right now

                            Is someone who’s lost and insecure”



6. Buried a Lie (Album: Let It Enfold You)

A murder story open for interpretation, the song could mean anything to you – from underage girls to an unrequited love. For me, however, a buried lie is something too tedious to dig up again. Live and move on. Their hilarious video should be enough to make you think so.

#hugot lines: “Rest in peace girl, your death is such a shame

                           The paper said a bullet got in your way

                           But I smell foul play, possible poisoning

                           I had to bring you in for questioning

                           I went to your grave, dug up your body

                            Brought it to my house, where you lay”



5. Bite to Break Skin (Album: Let It Enfold You)

There have been allegations by some fans that this song is about Jesus. Simply put, though, if you’re going to go for revenge, hurt to inflict damage.

#hugot lines: “Bite to break skin

                          Don’t give the secret

                          My stoic face,

                          Beaten with passion”



4. Rum is for Drinking, Not for Burning (Album: Let It Enfold You)

Hold on for dear life because the war has just begun. You’re done with an old chapter; it’s time to face the next one head on and hand-in-hand with your damsel (or don) in distress. Blood on your hands and an open sea ahead of you.

#hugot lines: “Sail with me into the setting sun

                          The battle has been won, but the war has just begun

                          And as we grow, emotion starts to die

                          We need to find a way just to keep our desire alive”



3. Calling All Cars (Album: Still Searching)

You’ve done it again. You’ve fallen in love with someone who is possibly your next downfall. He doesn’t promise anything, but you’re still so full of hope. She’s not really ready to settle, but you’re going to make her. “Calling all cars, we’ve got another victim.”

#hugot lines:  “So will you scatter my ashes where they won’t be found?

                           I kept my word when I swore that I would let you down

                           And now that I’m gone, try to forget me and just move on”



2. Can’t Be Saved (Album: Still Searching)

The first lines go “Follow your bliss” and that’s what life is really all about. Steve Jobs once said, “Stay hungry. Stay Foolish.” Pursue what you want and don’t be afraid to take risks. Only you really know what you want. Also, try looking for the other version of this video with a timely LGBT reference.

#hugot lines: “I’m stuck in a coma, stuck in a never-ending sleep

                          And some day I will wake up and realize I made up everything”



1. Between the Mountains and the Sea (Album: Renacer)

Much slower than their older songs, the song sounds a like it could be part of a movie soundtrack. Don’t be afraid to lose everything that weighs you down. Once you’ve got nothing, then you’ve “got nothing to lose.” Take risks in love and life, and your wanderlust may just reveal what you’ve been looking for for so long. Kudos to the crazy video, too.

#hugot lines:  “Because we were made to wander

                           Between the mountain and the sea

                           The body is a vessel

                            To house eternally”



From the beginning, Senses Fail has been creating intense songs full of meaning. Buddy Nielson said that his lyrics are always open for interpretation, and if they weren’t, they’d have no point. So relate and #hugot as you please. 🙂

Just less than a month away from Bazooka Rocks 3, and I’m already getting goosebumps revisiting the songs of these bands. I’m not old for following these bands since the start of the millennium. I’m a youthful soul with a taste for angst. 

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Bazooka Rocks 3 is Coming: A Senses Fail Heartbreak and Revenge Playlist (aka #Hugot)