Bam Speakers Bamboo Sounds – The Mobile, Local, and Earth-Friendly Sound System

Bam Speakers, made from bamboo and crafted locally, give both a green and convenient solution for those who are looking to enjoy music anytime, anywhere.

Bam Speakers Review

The speakers reveal their organic origins at first glance. Crafted from bamboo, these Philippine-made sound systems are minimalist in design and flash. The speakers are fully-customizable, from wood selection to engraving.

Bam Speakers come in two versions: natural bamboo and black bamboo. You have the option to engrave pretty much anything you want on them. My speakers, shown in the pictures, have minimalist sans serif engravings which I feel goes great with the sleek, straight lines of the speakers.

Bam Speakers - Dock

Bamboo speakers are not new, and they have the unfortunate reputation for having weak and dispersed sound output. This is probably because some of the first ones have forward-facing designs (the “muzzle” of the bamboo faces the same way as the gadget). Bam Speakers feature a parallel design, the exact opposite of the forward-facing ones. This results in a more even sound-projecting quality that can cover a fairly decent-sized room.

Bam Speakers - WIM

Bam Speakers come in a convenient cloth carry bag which is fairly useful, making the speakers easy to bring along in a backpack or a gym bag. The individually-bagged engraved speakers also mean they’re great for corporate giveaways or as souvenirs.

Bam Speakers - Jason Cruz Custom


Bam Speakers – Music Performance

Both speakers here, the natural and the black, were tested with the same songs. The songs were chosen not just for variety in genre but to see the capability in sound amplification using Bam Speakers.

Bam Speakers

Back in Black“, AC/DC

  • Loudness: Clear in a mid-sized room of about 12-15 people. Song is clearly recognizable up to 30-40 feet.
  • Clarity: The finer points of Angus’ talent is lost a little, but harder riffs are still somewhat enjoyable.
  • Overall Quality: Good enough that you can sing along to it, but not play along if you have a guitar with you.

Clarity“, Zedd

  • Loudness: Clear in a bigger room of about 20 people. Song is clearly recognizable up to 25-30 feet though.
  • Clarity: The bass becomes more “thumping”, and less “beating.” Some tones are lost during loud sections, such as the chorus.
  • Overall Quality: If house-party EDM is the idea, this does the job.

Wish You Were Here“, Incubus

  • Loudness: Clear in a mid-sized room of about 12-15 people. Song is clearly recognizable up to 30-40 feet.
  • Clarity: The crisp bass lines are almost inaudible, but the vocals were surprisingly decent.
  • Overall Quality: Decent sound quality for casual listening, just expect the tiny details to be a little lost.

Bam Speakers - Wide View

Overall Verdict on Bam Speakers

They score excellent points on being Earth-friendly and for being Philippine-made products. The speakers also score well on aesthetics and design, and very high on customization and utility as gifts. They perform fairly okay as sound systems, but if simply amplifying music is what you need done, Bam Speakers does the job.

Bam Speakers - When in Manila

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bam speakers review

Bam Speakers Review