Ballroom Dancing at the Maynila Ballroom VIP and Press Launch

Dancing at theMaynila Ballroom, started with an orchestra playing some good all-time favorite ballroom dance songs such as “Someday”, “September” and “Time of my life”.All of these with 200 guests dressed in their best black and white outfits spinning their partners across the floor and enjoying the beauty, grandeur and class that comes with the perfect ambience of the venue. I’m sure it was a grand night for everybody!


The Orchestra playing contemporary ballroom favorites.


While everyone was dancing, some refreshments and finger food wereserved.Salmon, cream cheese and crab cakes paired with pesto/tomato dips were part of the delicacies available. Watermelon, kiwi and strawberry shakes were given as soon as you enter the ballroom, paired with the warm smiles of Manila Hotel‘s employees. 


The yummy pica – pica and shakes available for those resting their tired feet from dancing.


Hotel patrons and guests enjoyed the night dancing away at the Maynila Ballroom. According to one of the guests “This is the kind of ballroom room dancing that we grew up with”. There are even some teenagers who were spotted dancing at the Maynila Ballroom, it goes to show that ballroom dancing is for all ages and can even be some form of family or barkada bonding.

People dancing


Patrons of all ages dancing their hearts away at the Maynila Ballroom.


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