Ballroom Dancing at the Maynila Ballroom VIP and Press Launch


When In Manila, there’s no other place  to experience its grandeur and class than at the Manila Hotel. Last August 30, 2013, “Dancing at the Maynila” opened to VIPs, hotel patrons, and dancing enthusiasts. This marked the beginning of a series of ballroom dancing events held at the historical and iconic Maynila Ballroom of the Manila Hotel


Maynila Ballroom

The beautiful facade of the Maynila Ballroom awaits the attendees.


Capiz Chandelier

The Capiz Chandelier adorns the ceiling of the Maynila Ballroom.


Only the Maynila Ballroom can bring back the turn-of-the-century glamour that sets the stage for the art of ballroom. It is the only multi-leveled ballroom hall in the country that offers an ambiance of sophistication from its imposing staircase, hand-painted ceiling, multi-colored Tiffany bay windows, indoor water fountains and a massive capiz shell chandelier which is framed gracefully by an Arabesque canopy to its five-meter high hand-carved narraarches.TheMaynila Ballroom was designed by no other than Philippine National Artist for Architecture, Leandro V. Locsin



The staircase that leads to the ballroom.


Around 200 guests clad in black and white spunwith their partners on the dance floor.