BAG REVIEW: Crumpler’s Ultimate Exit, the Ultimate Travel Bag (and More)

When in Manila, and planning for  an ultimate get-away, you need an ultimate travel bag which can serve many purposes – a bag which is not just the companion when making an exit to the city and planning a great escape. Let me introduce you to Crumpler’s Ultimate Exit. 




True to its name, it is ultimate and flexible.  It might have declared itself as a “travel bag” based on its tag, but it will surprise you with the many ways it can be useful – everyday. 






Ultimate Exit’s bowling bag shape makes it sporty sexy and classic.  The variety of color combination gives consumers with different preferences a wide choice – black for a classic look, light grey and yellow for a vintage twist, navy blue and teal for a safe ensemble, and the neon green and purple for the hip and young. 


The carry handles are made with EVA foam for comfort, and it naturally molds into the shape of your arms and hands. It addresses the common issue with travelers bag which has painful strap and handles that oftentimes scratch your skin raw. 


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