These 7 Delicious Products Put the BAE in Bacon

Love bacon? If bacon is your BAE food of choice, here is a list of delicious bacon-flavored items you simply have to try.

These 7 Delicious Products Put the BAE in Bacon

7. Poco Deli’s Bacon Slabs (@pocodeli)


Poco Deli Bacon Slabs

Photo from Poco Deli’s Facebook page

If you love bacon – plain and simple – Poco Deli offers bacon slabs that are smoked with all-natural wood smoke and don’t have any MSG or artificial flavorings. They are fully cooked and sold in vacuum-sealed packs that you can easily and conveniently heat up in the microwave, sous vide, pan grill, or barbecue grill. You can also slice them up to cook with pasta, pizza, or stews. There are so many options!

6. Numnut Donuts’ Bacon Sourdough Donuts (@numnutdonut)


Numnut Donuts

Photo from Numnut Donut

Want to try a different kind of donut? Sisters Nikki and Pash have created sourdough donuts with bacon in the forefront, but they also have different flavors that range from the nostalgic to the unusual. Their flavors all complement the tanginess of the sourdough so you can still enjoy that perfect balance of sweetness. If you haven’t tried sourdough donuts yet, now is the time to do so! Every donut is handmade so you’d better order ASAP; they only make a limited amount every weekend.

5. Mad Batter PH’s Bacon Ice Cream (@mad_batterph)


Mad Batter Bacon Ice Cream

Photo from Mad Batter PH

Yes, you read that right. Bacon. Ice cream. Mad Batter PH started when the craze for baking occurred during the pandemic. From small batches of banana loaves, it has since expanded to other food items that were born from months of non-stop R&Ds, failed experimentations, overly-weird food combinations – making something unusual from the usual. Their Bacon Ice Cream is one of those items. Believe it or not, the unique taste of the smokiness and the saltiness of bacon is the ideal twist to your ordinary ice cream. If you love bacon and you love ice cream, you are sure to love this.

4. The Sweetest Cinn’s Maple Bacon Cinn (@thesweetestcinnph)


Maple Bacon The Sweetest Cinn

Photo by Gia Mendoza (@gmeatsworld)

The Sweetest Cinn is a home-based bakeshop that offers freshly baked cinnamon rolls in unique and delicious flavors, including their delicious Maple Bacon. Each flavor is totally unique from one another and definitely stand out in terms of taste. Their rolls are also freshly baked using the highest quality and most premium ingredients. Top tip: pop it into the microwave for about 40 seconds and fall in love with the perfect sweet and salty mix of maple-cured bacon, real Canadian maple syrup, candied bacon, maple cream cheese frosting, and cinnamon on delicious and pillowy-soft rolls.

3. Apero’s Bacon Croissants (@apero.ph)


Apero Bacon Croissants

Photo from Apero

Apero was established when the owners of Duck & Buvette realized there was a need for a good neighborhood cafe and bakery in Quezon City back in 2016. Aside from their famed third-wave coffee and sourdough pastries, they also offer delicious mini croissants with different toppings – including bacon. They are the perfect size to be matched with tea or coffee in the morning or in the middle of the day, but you may also feel the need to have the entire box to yourself (they’re that good!). Apero prides itself on having a very hands-on team that constantly listens to their customers. In fact, their new flavors usually come from customer feedback, like their Ube Sourdough bread. Pre-pandemic, their team also regularly traveled to France for new product inspiration – amazing!

2. Wildflour’s Bacon Steak (@wildflourmanila)


Wildflour Bacon Steak

Photo from Wildflour

When I asked my friends what their number one bacon dish of all time is, more than half of them raved about this dish from Wildflour Bakery + Cafe, one of Manila’s most beloved restaurants. To date, the Wildflour Group has 15 branch locations and 5 restaurant concepts, all thanks to their love for what they do.

Wildflour serves a breadth of comfort food dishes mainly inspired by French-California cuisine, but also with a sprinkling of what owner Ana De Ocampo and sister Margarita Manzke pick up through their travels across the world. Their iconic Bacon Steak is one of these dishes. At the dish’s center is a slab of pork belly glazed to syrupy perfection and so tender, you can cut it with a butter knife. Alongside melt-in-your-mouth meat, the dish also serves up some crunch through crispy potatoes and a baguette slice fresh from the oven. The bread’s also the best way to sop up the runny yolks from a pair of sunny side-up eggs. This is the ultimate bacon breakfast of champions.

1. Block 6 Cafe’s Bacon Toast (@block6cafe)


Block 6 Bacon Toast

Photo from Block 6

Has anyone else experienced intense Korean fever during this pandemic? I am one of them. It’s no secret that they eat a lot of food in Kdramas, but one food item I have always been interested in trying is the egg drop sandwich. I finally got to taste it in the form of Block 6 Cafe’s Bacon Toast, and I was not disappointed.

Block 6 Cafec started by selling bottled beverages online in March; but after watching Kdramas, they started craving for the same sandwich I had been wondering about. Like me, they couldn’t find it anywhere nearby, so they decided to recreate it and sell it themselves. Best. Decision. Ever. Block 6 Cafe offers premium quality and fully loaded egg drop sandwiches that can be paired with their coffee and non-coffee options – and even if you are not a Kdrama fan, I guarantee that you will get addicted to these sandwiches. They are incredibly flavorful, delicious, filling, and well worth the affordable price!

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