B and P Just Like Home: All Day Breakfast Comfort Food

When In Manila –  Juicy tapa, 5 layers of pancakes and fruits, crispy pork bellies… Mmmm…. can you picture it? Can you taste the flavors coming out in every bite? Filipinos love breakfast, and with a variety of meals like this who wouldn’t? Thing is, breakfast in restaurants are usually served at a limited time only. Well lucky for you B&P serves all-day breakfast and comfort food at their small home away from home in Shaw Blvd.

B-and-P-all-day-breakfast-03B&P Feels Like Home: Early morning breakfast with my loves! 2nd time at B&P!

B&P: Feels like Home

I first heard of B&P when a co-teacher brought one of her take out drinks to work. She was eating at a nearby restaurant and B&P was on its soft opening. The waiters offered her a lemonade with popping boba which she brought to work. We were all so fascinated with the popping boba that I immediately looked up this restaurant. A few days ago, I was finally able to visit and was not at all disappointed.



B&P is one of the newest restaurants of the Cravings Group. It is named after its owner Annie Guerrero’s granddaughters Bea and Pia Trinidad. Upon entering, you will be greeted by B&P’s bright yellow walls and huge lamps. The hanging lamps are pretty cool and look like jellyfish bones (if they had bones). The place is a bit small and can seat around 30-40 people. It looks very cozy with its rectangular shape, cool colors and soft couches. There are even a few throw pillows by each table making diners feel so comfortable that you’d forget you weren’t home. It’s the perfect place to just chill, relax and maybe even finish some work. A good alternative to the coffee shop. It is located right beside Project Pie and across SNR. You’ll have no trouble finding it.

B-and-P-all-day-breakfast-11B&P Feels Like Home


B&P takes that feeling of home to another level by putting up framed pictures of Bea and Pia Trinidad on their walls, and even adding books and toys on their shelves.

B-and-P-all-day-breakfast-09B&P: Photos of Bea and Pia as kids hang on the wall to add a little personal touch


You’ll most likely get a good view regardless of where you sit. The front and back have clear glass walls giving diners a nice view as they eat. My friends and I on the other hand sat somewhere in the middle where our view was the kitchen itself. B&P has an open kitchen layout that allows diners to get a cool behind-the-scenes view of the kitchen through the nicely framed windows. The kitchen is also pretty big, occupying around half of the whole restaurant.

B-and-P-all-day-breakfast-01B&P: The chef at work at B&P’s open kitchen


B&P: All day breakfast comfort food

Now let’s talk about the food. Mmm, my favorite part! B&P is an all-day breakfast comfort food type of restaurant. They have a variety of dishes all of which you have to try. Most of the dishes are named in a very unique way so I strongly suggest you to properly read each description.

Complimentary Salad – for most meals ordered at B&P, diners get a complimentary salad. The dressing used on the salad tasted like curry and lemon, something I’ve never tried before but was very pleased to have. The dressing used was unique and addictive.

B-and-P-all-day-breakfast-06B&P Salad: The play of colors makes the salad very pleasing to see


Mother’s Inspiration (P175) – Sausage, ham, mesquite chicken, capsicums, mushrooms, olives and cheddar cheese. The combination of these fresh ingredients matched with 2 pieces of bread made this dish taste like some sort of breakfast pizza! Being a pizza lover, I really enjoyed this dish. It’s a slightly healthier alternative to pizza. This is something the kids will surely love.

B&P Home 2B&P: Mother’s inspiration has all the ingredients of a delicious pizza


BNP Home Shaw Blvd-3B&P’s Chef Anj in action!


Creole Style Eggs (P290) “an exquisite dish! Two poached eggs topped with beef patty, melted Swiss cheese and a rich spicy buttermilk cream sauce” Fellow WIM writer, Philippe Villareal describes this dish as a high-end and special version of the well-loved burger steak. The beef patty was thick and tender with just the right amount of fat to make it juicy and tasty. The buttermilk sauce with the secret ingredient was slightly spicy and really delicious. A little tip though is to slice the patty together with the egg and dab a little sauce of it to get the perfect play of flavor in your mouth. Enjoy!

B&P Home 3B&P Creole Style Eggs: See that cheese in the buttermilk sauce? Yum!



Beach Front (P260) – “prime crab meat and tuna soft omelette, served with B&P’s special dressing” The taste of tuna is dominant in this dish but the crab meat is still very tasty. What makes this dish even more appetizing is the rice. B&P doesn’t just use plain white rice for this but instead uses steak rice! The steak rice definitely adds that extra kick to make this one comfort food something you’ll crave for.

B&P Home 6B&P Beach Front: The taste sticks and is something you’ll end up looking for


Yoga (P255)“Three egg whites scrambled with 2 strips of turkey bacon served with a cup of ripe mango”  Yoga is one of the 4 choices in B&P’s Grandma’s Get Fit Menu. This part of the menu is recommended for those watching their weight. Yoga is a pretty typical breakfast. I loved the bacon though, it wasn’t too crispy nor was it too soft.

B&P Home 13B&P’s Yoga is one of the recommended meals for healthy eaters


The yumminess doesn’t end here, continue reading to the next page for more of B&P’s delicious meals!


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