Project Pie Philippines: Create Your Own Pizza Masterpiece

 Project Pie Philippines: Create Your Own Pizza Masterpiece

Are you a Pizza maverick?

If you love pizzas but seek to cut loose from the conventional types, there’s a perfect place just waiting for you! One suggestion, two words: Project Pie.

Project Pie Philippines is the first international franchise of the brand outside the United States. The do-it-yourself pizzeria is the brainchild of James Markham that first opened in 2012. It can easily be accessed since it is located in the heart of Shaw Boulevard, just a 10-minute walk from the MRT- Shaw Blvd. Station.



Facade of Project Pie 


My mom and I were near the area. So I decided to bring here along.

Time to start our project

There are bunch of good reasons to visit the place:

1.)                It will not break your budget.

               Guests can have their own customized 12” inch pizza for as low as P285. You can buy it solo or you can share it with friends without shelling out too much cash.


2.)                It won’t kill your diet.

 Pizzas are considered one of the most calorie-ridden foods in the world, so most health-conscious people would probably avoid them.  At Project Pie, the pizzas have thin crusts, so it’s more crisp than oily. The dressings are healthy too with marinara sauce and olive oil as options.


3.)                You can create your own masterpiece.

Guests can choose from over 29 ingredients when making their own pizzas. From cheese to veggies, it will depend on your preference. They also have pre-designed pizzas wherein you can add your choice of toppings.  


The place is usually full during lunch hours and dinner time. We arrived past noon but the queues were still long at that time. Fortunately, we did not have a hard time finding a table. During our previous visit (it was dinner time, 8 PM) we stood in line for over half an hour… but it was still well worth it! 


This is one of the inspiration walls. While waiting, you could read the quotes of various philosophers, historical icons, scientists and many other important personalities.


Project Pie is a combination of a fast-food and a sit-down restaurant. The process of making the pizza is fast (you’ll spend more time in queue outside) but the quality is not sacrificed, the pizzas are made in front of you so you could oversee how they make your order.