AWW: This young couple graduated together from three different schools!

A romance that brewed early is a wonderful, fleeting feeling worth keeping and remembering. You get to grow and see life together at a tender age, and when you’re older and look back to when it all began, you’ll realize how far you’ve come.

For Janica Eleria from Davao City, her relationship with her significant other Vande Alagao started when they were in the sixth grade. What makes their relationship special? They graduated together, three times – all in different but same schools!

WHEN IN MANILA has reached out to Eleria for further details.

Vande and I met in nung Grade 2 kami kasi bagong transfer ako sa school tapos naging classmate kami. It’s funny kasi until now he still remembers little details like ano yung phone ko ‘nun and what I wore during the first day of school.

(Rough translation: Vande and I met in the second grade because I was a transferee student and we became classmates. It’s funny how until now, he still remembers little details like what my phone was and what I wore during the first day of school.)

Old yearbook page. Credits go to Janica Eleria for the photo.

Tapos we started texting when we were in grade 5 and naging kami mga a year later. Kaso nung highschool he transferred, tapos I stayed. Nagkikita lang kami mga once or twice a year kahit same city and super lapit lang ng schools namin. Tapos yun nag decide si mommy na ilipat ako nung 3rd year and naging classmates kami ulit 8 yrs later, nung grade 10 kami.

(Rough translation: Then, we started texting in the 5th grade and we became official a year later. But, in high school, he transferred to a different school, I stayed. We see each other only once or twice a year even if we live in the same city and if our schools are just relatively near each other. Eventually, my mom decided to transfer me when I moved up to third year. We became classmates again 8 years later, when we were in the 10th grade.)

Their respective families and friends have been supportive of their relationship ever since. Eleria shares that there’s “nothing grand about their relationship”.

Simple lang and chill and like any other relationships, hindi rin naman perfect yung amin. We’ve had our own fights and misunderstandings over the years but thank God we’ve managed to get through it all. So ‘yun, we’ll be celebrating our 7th year together this October.

The photos in Eleria’s tweet show their grade school, junior high and senior high school graduation photos. The two will be studying at the same university but still take up different undergraduate degree programs.

Eleria shares relationship advice to us.

Just have fun, and don’t rush anything. Enjoy whatever you have now and don’t forget to respect and trust each other.

Aren’t they the cutest? We’re wishing the both of them the best of luck in their relationship and future endeavors!

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