Awesome Print: Pop Culture Expressed Through Statement Shirts and More!

Itching to find a source for statement shirts (and other items) that will allow you to tell everyone how much of a fan you are of a certain pop culture TV series or film? Look no further! 🙂

Awesome Print, a young local company that customizes shirts, jerseys, stickers, mugs, tumblers and calling cards, is on a mission to provide pop culture-inspired shirts through affordable 100% cotton printed tees.


Here are my friends Quino and Ella, showing off their cool Clone Trooper shirts on a hot sunny day

Whether you are looking for Star Wars, The Walking Dead, How I Met Your Mother, Breaking Bad, or Game of Thrones inspired-shirts, Awesome Print has them for you! And that’s not even all. 🙂 They also have shirts, crew necks, and pullovers for fans of Zelda, Super Mario, and even members of Dub Nation.




Quino – a proud #DubNation member! (#AlDubNation, on the other hand, is a different conversation hahahaha)


Awesome Print‘s designs are really nice, and I like how most of the designs are minimalist in nature, which make the shirts pop out more in a crowd, getting someone to look at your shirt and say ‘hey, that looks awesome!’. Add to that the fact that they are comfortable to wear since they are made from 100% cotton.

Aside from the shirts above, they also have a WHOLE BUNCH of different designs!  Below are just some of them, ranging from plain black/white shirts to kids’ shirts to crew necks and pullovers. The prices of the shirts range from Php300 to Php400, while the pullovers and crew necks cost Php600. Shipping within Metro Manila costs Php100, while provincial addresses will incur a Php150 fee.

Want to show your friends or office mates your love for Breaking Bad while drinking coffee or juice? They have mugs for Php199, as well!
If the shirts above already made you say “I want this.. Oh I want that, too… OMG, this one, too!”, then Awesome Print has an awesome promo for you! They currently have a “Buy 3, Get Free Shipping” promo, so you’ll be able to not just choose one, but get them delivered to you for free, as well!


So, what are you waiting for? Check out their Facebook and Instagram pages to finally find the Awesome shirts you might’ve been looking for for a long time!

Awesome Print

Viber/SMS: 09162231916
Instagram: @awesomeshirts88