Philippine University Offers Class On “Ethics On Breaking Bad”

Walter White approves!!

See, why couldn’t college classes be as fun and exciting as this?!

Ethics of Breaking Bad

Photo Credit: Ateneo de Manila University

So while the rest of you are out memorizing formulas and solving equations till boredom strikes, the Ateneo de Manila University in Quezon City, Philippines is offering a class on The Ethics of Breaking Bad! Just how cool is that?!

This was announced by the university’s Philosophy Department after posting the photo above on their official Facebook page.

We can only imagine the hordes of students lining up for a slot in this class!! (Ateneo, can non-Ateneans sit in too? No? Awww.)

We thought this was a joke at first… but it was posted with other classes on the school’s Facebook page, and it is posted nowhere near April 1st! So hooray for being totally legit. Way to get those kids coming in to class every day!!

Maybe cooking meth might be ethically justified in this class after all! (Or maybe not. Either way, we imagine this would be such a fun class!)

Now excuse us while we throw jealous glances over at Ateneans.

Would you love to take this class? Should all schools have this??