Avida Serin Tagaytay Food Hunt: Eat Like a True Tagaytay Local

Avida Serin Tagaytay Food Hunt: Eat Like a True Tagaytay Local


“Tara, let’s eat Bulalo at Tagaytay.”

To non-residents of Tagaytay, are you tired of saying the same thing whenever you go to Tagaytay? Do you want to try other restaurants and cafes that will make you crave for something else besides Bulalo when you think of Tagaytay? If you answered yes to both, then you came to the right page. 

Tagaytay is known to be a go-to place every weekend or holiday or any day, actually, because of the cold breeze that has easily become every Filipino’s craving. It is also a great quick escape or a safe haven that Filipinos go to for horseback riding, sightseeing, and eating their famous bulalo. There are just so many places that you can go to and things you can do when in Tagaytay.

Through the years. however, more urban dwellers have chosen to live and stay in Tagaytay. Its proximity to the city and idyllic setting makes it the perfect home. Envisioned to be a relaxing haven, Serin Tagaytay is Avida’s first project in a leisure destination – and it is the perfect home for weekenders, families, and retirees.

Avida Serin Tagaytay

For Tagaytay residents, it is just as important to look for the best dining spots as it is to look for a dream home. Therefore, Avida Land has brought its unique food challenge, the Avida Serin Food Hunt, to Tagaytay. To non-residents of Tagaytay, it is also important to note these new and undiscovered restaurants and cafes because I  swear they are worth checking out!

4. San Antonio Pizzeria

If you’re looking for good pizza…

Avida Serin Tagaytay

Located along Silang Highway, you can spot Caffè Sant’Antonio and Rogate Center.  


Run by Rogationist priests headed by Fr. Rene Ramirez who studied and lived in Italy for several years, the Rogate Center put up San Antonio Cafe, a small cafe that served coffee and pastries in 2012. Later on in December 2013, they expanded and opened San Antonio Pizzeria. This is not just your ordinary pizzeria, though; it favors authentic wood-smoked, stone-baked Roman-style pizza.


Avida Serin Tagaytay


The pizzas at San Antonio Pizzeria are freshly baked and made from homemade dough and herbs taken from the priests’ garden. The wood, on the other hand, comes from the trees around the property. The pizza here is the bomb! The taste is so full and so rich, I enjoyed every bite! My hands couldn’t stop themselves from getting slices. We ate different pizza flavors and I loved all of them. However, I did have my favorite, which was the…


Avida Serin Tagaytay

Salsiccia Pizza – Tomatoes, Mozarella, Ground Beef, Button Mushrooms, and Onions


It is actually making me drool while I write this article. I can still remember how good every bite was! This is the first plate that we finished in less than a minute or so. I guess, the people I was with loved it as much as I did.


Avida Serin Tagaytay


Bonus: Guests can tour the small workshop where the locals make the saints’ images. According to Father Rene, their most popular image would be the one of St. Pedro Calungsod. They are also popular for producing miniatures of saints. These miniatures started as an activity for the children of San Antonio Parish in Forbes Park to make them interested in saints and to help the workers at the same time. Now, it is something that they produce on a regular basis.


3. Nurture Wellness Village – Gabriela

If you’re looking for the perfect arroz caldo for Tagaytay’s cold weather…


Nurture is one of the most popular places to visit in Tagaytay, especially when looking for a place to just relax and inhale fresh air. Recently, they opened a new restaurant wing called ‘Gabriela’. This restaurant will definitely attract all of the health enthusiasts out there! Besides, who wouldn’t love Nurture Wellness Village, in general? They have the friendliest and most accommodating staff ever! Can we all take a moment to acknowledge the fact that they danced for us when they opened their new restaurant? *clap, clap, clap*


Avida Serin Tagaytay

Aren’t they the cutest?


What’s interesting about Gabriela is their new salad and herb garden. Did you know that you can pick your own salad ingredients and have it served fresh? Oh my gulay!


Avida Serin Tagaytay

 This is kuya picking the fresh veggies that my friend asked for his salad.


Located in Magallanes Drive, the whole stretch of Nurture Wellness Village features a restaurant, farm, and spa which make for a perfectly relaxing respite from big city worries while sampling these staples in their menu: Fresh Salad & Tea, Chicken Arroz Caldo, and assorted Filipino rice cakes.


Avida Serin Tagaytay

My co-WIM writer, Derick Flores’ salad fresh from FARMacy.

Avida Serin TagaytayMy minimalist arroz caldo

Avida Serin Tagaytay

Their delicious Pandan Ice Tea which you shouldn’t miss! It became my instant fave!


Bonus: When you’re done eating, you can avail of their massage services. I was massaged after I ate and it was the best massage ever because I could hear the cold breeze, the dancing trees, and the rustle of leaves while getting it. It was as if the nature was imploring me to stay.


Avida Serin Tagaytay

Thanks to Ms. Milette who massaged me! 🙂

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