Nurture Spa Village in Tagaytay: Truly One of the BEST in ASIA! MUST try “GLAMPING” a.k.a Glamorous Camping!

Nurture Spa Village

I’ve heard so many things about the Nurture Spa Village and years ago I must admit I dreamed of visiting but for some reason, it didn’t materialize until this year. Yeah, another dream come true for me like with the other places we’ve featured for

 Nurture Spa Village in Tagaytay: one of the BEST SPAs in ASIA!

To be cradled in the arms of nature is definitely the best way to heal. Whatever sufferings you may have, may it be with the physical, mental or emotional….. nature will always, always have its cure… and all we have to do is really submit and allow nature to fill us once again with the life force we need.

This week, Frank and I found yet another special retreat which we know will provide you with the healing you need, the peace and quiet you deserve and the pampering you’ve been longing for. This week, your dynamic tandem went on a quick trip away from the busy city and went on with their own colorful world again to appreciate and savor the simplicity and goodness which Nurture Spa Village has to offer.

Even if you don’t have your own wheels, traveling to Tagaytay is so cheap and easy! Actually,¬† we’d recommend you commute when going there for the adventure of it!

How to get there: Take MRT until Taft Station then head to the bus terminal at the back of Mc Donald’s. Ride any bus bound to Tagaytay (fare price: 83 php) and tell the conductor/driver to drop you¬† off¬† Magallanes Square or Leslie’s Bulalo Restaurant.¬† The trip lasts around 2 hrs. From Magallanes Square, take a tricycle to Nurture Spa and pay round 55php.

To tell you more about our visit, we’d like to show you all the wonderful breathtakingly inviting photos which we took during the stay to give you a glimpse about this little piece of paradise in Tagaytay.

Here’s a photo tour of our unforgettable weekend at Nurture Spa Village…..

We arrived a bit past the standard check-in which was 2pm. Upon arrival, we were greeted by their staff.  After registration, we were then led to our room and was given a quick tour by Sir Robin, their Operations Manager.

  the reception area

¬†Love at 1st sight….¬† *sigh*

Upon seeing these plus that relaxing breeze…. I knew it was gonna be a great stay!

 We were given the room with the BEST view! The perks of being a photographer!

 the SAYA room

no need to worry about ¬†toiletries… they got you covered!

After settling our bags in our room, Frank and I decided to tour the place and maximize the cool breeze…

what is there not to love about  Nurture Spa? I find the whole place so enchanting! *sigh*

Nurture Spa has got the perfect environment  and facilities to help you heal and rejuvenate

¬†they got this Lakad Kalinga or “healing path” or “reflexology walk” which lets you walk onto ¬†stones of various sizes which is believed to help improve blood circulation

¬†we thought it was easy but we were wrong….

 their pavilion is ideal for indoor recreational activities. I heard that weddings are held here at times as well

 play chess

¬†the very Filipino “sungka”

After touring the whole area, Chef Lawrence invited us for some coffee and their famous Suman at Mangga dipped in thick rich native “tsokolate”

 one of their best sellers I heard

 this really made my day

¬†Evening came and it was time once again for your ultimate dynamic duo to devour onto some sumptuous house specialties…

let use show you what we had…..

pumpkin soup 

 I forgot the name but these are actually mixed veggies with fish turned into a patty.

¬†Chicken Kare-Kare – yeah it’s chicken instead of the usual Ox tail for a healthier version

Laing sa Tinapa  РI believe this combination is awesome!

 another perfect night

¬†Just before hitting the sack, Frank and I tried out their famous “hilot”…..

the BEST massage I’ve had so far! No wonder Nurture Spa is so famous when in comes to massages

We were blessed with yet another perfect morning!! Hearing the rustling leaves and melodies from the song of birds was  just soooo magical!  I always look forward to mornings like these!!

This is the view from the Terrace above the resto! fantastic!

¬†the breeze was fresh and cool as ever….. this place is just perfect for healing!

Of course, we were so excited about our breakfast!

I love taking photos in the morning!!

 Tinapang Bangus, Scrambled eggs and Garlic rice : I love Filipino breakfasts!

Frank had Champorado with Tuyo! Perfect combination!

 Frank enjoyed it a lot because it had just the right consistency and sweetness

We also got an extra order of their Pan de Sal with Kesong Puti. It was also served to us with fresh pesto on top.

After that filling breakfast, we decided to go for a walk and check out the sceneries once again..

¬†I love visiting organic gardens! It’s so nice to know that many establishments in Tagaytay ¬†serve healthy stuff to their customers

I was surprised to see that they even got a swell camp site! Nurture Spa Village came up with this cool idea called “GLAMPING” or Glamorous Camping. ¬†This is my 1st ever time to see such an activity. This is very ideal for families and people who wanna experience the outdoors in style!!

definitely a MUST TRY!! 

let’s check out what’s inside the tent!¬†

 ooooohhhh!!! really cozy in here!! Camping outdoors has never been this chic!!

felt like in a hotel tent! 

Lunch time came and we requested the staff to serve our food by the pool!!! hihiihi

waaaahhh this is the life!! 

 Lamb Adobo

 Herb Crusted Dory Fillet

Osso Buco 

 Thankful for yet another memorable experience

¬†Overflowing gratitude… my heart is filled with this right now as I write this experience for all of you to savor. Personally, I’m still overwhelmed with all the extraordinary blessings and experiences which God and His Universe has been providing us with. Frank and I must have done something good in the past to deserve such experiences, or perhaps it is due to our desire to see the world more and that mission to make people realize not to take precious life for granted. That life should be celebrated and enjoyed and that life is really about LIVING rather than working too much.

I never thought that our Nurture Spa Village in Tagaytay experience would¬†¬†¬†have such¬† a huge impact on me.¬†Nurture Spa Village¬† provides people with enough breathing space to relax, ¬†spectacular sights to adore, peace and quiet to enjoy, healthy dishes to devour and world class pampering ¬†which secures¬†Nurture Spa Village¬†a spot on my personal MUST GO places list! ¬†Definitely one of the best places to heal! All our efforts we’re really worth it and I’m sure that when you visit, you’ll get your money’s worth!

Nurture Spa Village in Tagaytay Рis a place to consider when finding a perfect place to heal and rejuvenate! Definitely another must experience when in Manila!


Pulong Sagingan, Barangay Maitim II West
Tagaytay City, Cavite, 4120

Phone: (02) 584-4228, (02) 584-4221, (046) 483-0804 to 05

Join them on facebook:

Nurture Spa Village in Tagaytay: Truly One of the BEST in ASIA! MUST try “GLAMPING” a.k.a Glamorous Camping!

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