Arigatori Yakitori-ya: Serves Authentic Japanese Streetfood and Soothing Matcha Beer

Fact: I love Japanese food. Come on, who wouldn’t love their undeniably delectable sushi, sashimi, maki, ramen, and yakitori? Among the food I mentioned, I love maki and yakitori the most. Luckily, there’s a place in our neighborhood that offers authentic yakitori, the Arigatori – Yakitori-ya!

Arigatori Multinational village

Arigatori is located inside Multinational Village in Paranaque. Arigato for Japanese people is an expression of gratitude or “thank you.”

It is owned by two young entrepreneurs who obviously love Yakitori. They opened January of this year and surprisingly, with only two months in operations, people already recognize and appreciate their food!

Arigatori multinational

Well, so far, they are the only establishment I know that sells Matcha beer. So smooth and it tastes like you’re drinking green tea! Love it! The pink drink is called Cherry Blossom Blast.

The drinks are best partnered with wasabi chips!

Arigatori Multinational

Sunakku Boto (Snack Boat)

Honestly, I’ve been wanting to feature them ever since but I couldn’t get the best time as they were always packed!


According to one of the owners, people keep coming back because of the ambiance and they can play their favorite music! It makes their hangout even more personal with their family and friends through their favorite playlist.

As luck would have it, we got invited to try it last week and I am more than happy to share with you the things I love about them. (And, I’m sure you would, too!)

Here are the things I love about them.  Let’s crave together, shall we?

Arigatori Yakitori-ya: Serves Authentic Japanese Streetfood and Soothing Matcha Beer



Their prices are fit for everyone. I’ve observed that most of their customers are families, yuppies, business owners, and Japanese nationals as well. In fact, even celebrities and other influencers patronize their affordable and palatable food!


Actress Sue of Pangako Sa ‘Yo drops by every now and then, as shared by the owner.  (Photo source: Arigatori’s Facebook)

Additionally, our neighbor goes there if she wasn’t able to cook for dinner! It only makes sense as it’s fast, affordable, and delicious at the same time.



As you can see, it’s a pretty straightforward chill ambiance. I love the alfresco type of experience along with their creative tables and chairs. As per the owner, they wanted to keep it simple and as authentic as the one from Japan.

yakitori ya

Source: Flickr.com/Google.com

If you Google “yakitori-ya in Japan” it will give you results that show like the picture above. If you notice, the concept is similar, which I think is brilliant! If you’ve been to Japan and tried to eat there, then, look no further as you can swing by Arigatori Yakitori-ya anytime!

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