Aramesh Spa and Wellness: Hole in the Wall Spa in Makati

When In Manila, have you ever felt so tired that you just want to lie down, get a massage and sleep afterwards? Well, that’s what I’ve been feeling lately and visiting Aramesh Spa and Wellness just gave me perfect relaxation that I needed!

Aramesh-spa-and-wellnessWelcome to Aramesh Spa!


Aramesh Spa and Wellness and Their Cozy Rooms

Aramesh Spa and Wellness the only persian inspired spa in the country located in the heart of Makati. Though it is not to be spotted immediately since it is located at the 6th floor of Heart Tower, it has been a “go to spa” for most of its loyal customers.

Aramesh-spa-and-wellness-04Dra. Farahnaz Shamsi, one of the owners of Aramesh Spa and Wellness

Aramesh Spa and Wellness1It’s tea time! 🙂


Entering the receiving room, we were welcomed by the accommodating staff of Aramesh Spa and Wellness. One of the owners, Dra. Farzaneh Shamsi, who is also a dentist at Fashion Smile Dental Health and Spa, gave a brief history on how their dental clinic expanded to a wellness spa. According to her, patients would always mention spa to her and how it would be a good idea to make one together with the dental clinic. She and her partners thought of the idea and realized that it could be beneficial on both part since the patients’ relatives can avail of the spa services while waiting for the dental services to be done. And so Aramesh Spa and wellness was born. 

Aramesh-spa-and-wellness-11receiving area for patients of Fashion Smile and customers of Aramesh Spa


Aramesh spa and wellness offers deluxe, premier and VIP suite rooms for the best service its customers deserve. Just by entering the spa area, I already felt relaxed because of the ambiance and the neutral colors of the interior. The room temperature was not too warm or too cold that gave a more relaxing feel.

Aramesh Spa and Wellness2I really love their choice of chandelier.

Aramesh Spa and Wellness3Hallways of Aramesh Spa and Wellness


The VIP Suite room is offered for couples, partners or friends who would want more privacy. It has its own bathroom with a small jacuzzi/tub for freshening up. 

Aramesh Spa and Wellness4Aramesh Spa and Wellness VIP Suite Room

Aramesh Spa and Wellness5Aramesh Spa and Wellness VIP Suite Room

Aramesh Spa and Wellness7Aramesh Spa and Wellness VIP Suite Room


 The Premier Room has 4 beds separated by curtains. Comparing it to the Deluxe Room, the Premier Room’s beds are wider and the area is more spacious.

Aramesh-spa-and-wellness-06Aramesh Spa and Wellness Premier Room

Aramesh-spa-and-wellness-05Aramesh Spa and Wellness Deluxe Room

Aramesh Spa and Wellness10Aramesh Spa and Wellness Deluxe Room


And of course, Aramesh spa and wellness also has a room specially for customers who would only avail of the foot massage service–the Foot Massage Room!

Aramesh Spa and Wellness8Aramesh Spa and Wellness Foot Massage Room


Feeling cozy enough? Wait till you know about their services on the next page!