Aramesh Spa and Wellness: Hole in the Wall Spa in Makati

Aramesh Spa and Wellness and Their Services

Besides the place itself, customers would go back to Aramesh Spa and Wellness because of their services.

I personally tried their Aramesh Signature Massage which is a 90-minute massage of the whole body. I didn’t have time to interview my massage therapist Daisy how was persian massage different from the regular massage, but based on the experience, their Aramesh Signature Massage is focused more on thes deeper tissues. Daisy started with stretching, then focused on deep acupressure and then relieving muscle spasms which I really liked. 

Whenever I go to popular spas/massage places, I wouldn’t deny the relaxation I would feel; but the day after, I would experience pain on areas of my body like my back and legs. This was what I didn’t experience from Aramesh Signature Massage, no pain and discomfort, just pure relaxation, tension release and pampering. I really recommend this service very much!

Aramesh-spa-and-wellness-14Aramesh Signature Massage


For my other colleagues from, here’s what they have to say with the services they’ve tried:

For Cheryl who tried the Hot Stone Massage: “I tried the Hot Stone massage at Aramesh Spa. Just like any massage, I was relaxed and pampered to the full extent. However, it wasn’t just my masseuse’s hands doing the work as she had the help of these cool stones. The hot stones were used to remove any air bubbles or “lamig” I had on my muscles. The temperature was just right and I was grateful that my masseuse constantly asked me if each stone she placed on my body was too hot. After a few minutes (I was dozing off and unsure how long it was kept on), she would remove the stones and massage the area one more time. The entire massage lasted 1 hour and 30minutes. It was so good that I fell asleep and my masseuse actually had difficulty waking me. Aramesh Spa na Wellness is a hole in the wall in Makati that you should definitely try out.”

 Hot Stone Massage
Philippe, on the other hand, tried the Swedish Massage: “Their swedish massage is what you would expect it to be, hard and relaxing. It was especially relaxing since it has been a while since I had a nice massage and Aramesh did not fail to satisfy. Rose was my therapist for the night and she mentioned that I had several spasms on my back, she immediately put her magic hands to work and kneaded my back thoroughly until the spasms were gone. Just like that, my back suddenly felt lighter, my body soothed from the aches of my daily gym routine and my mind, relaxed.”
 Swedish Massage
And for Mae, who tried Aramesh Spa’s Pinoy Hilot with Hot Banana Leaves and Ventosa: “It was one of the best 1.5 hours in my life! Aramesh was one of the most unique spas I’ve visited so far. I love the vibe of the whole place. I felt like I was transported to Persia when I entered the treatment room, for the interiors seemed as if I was in one of the scenes from Arabian Nights.The whole place also had this distinct scent which I find so relaxing. Their Pinoy Hilot was also different from the others I’ve tried. They seem to have added their own signature technique which resulted in a much relaxing and pleasurable experience. The hot banana leaves and the Ventosa treatments helped a lot to ease my back pains and spasms. Ms Grace, my therapist knew exactly which muscles to target. She really worked on the muscles which were stressed and didn’t stop until I felt relief. I actually fell asleep halfway through the treatment. After the massage, we were given each a hot cup of Persian tea which made me even more calm. The experience was simply divine! I will definitely go back and request for Ms Grace again!”
 Pinoy Hilot
Over all, taking time to find and visit a hole in the wall spa somewhere in Makati is really worth it! Nice place, good people and great services…We were even served tea right after our pampering! So When In Manila, if you are looking for serenity and pamper time, you might want to check out Aramesh Spa and Wellness,  it’s definitely worth the time!
Aramesh Spa and Wellness11
Massage Therapists of  Aramesh Spa and Wellness at your service! 
Aramesh Spa and Wellness
Unit 601, Heart Tower
108 Valero Street, Makati City

Photos by Cheryl Golangco, Philippe Villareal and Ivica Rae Say
Write Up by Ivica Rae Say
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Aramesh Spa and Wellness: Hole in the Wall Spa in Makati


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