FaBurrito: New Fresh and Healthy Burrito Restaurant in Makati! Try their Mango Salsa!



When in Manila and thinking of a perfect gastronomical treat to reward yourself and your loved ones, I personally recommend you to check out this new foodie gem called FaBurrito conveniently located at the G/F Tower 2, The Columns, Ayala Ave, Makati City.



 FaBurrito: the perfect place to dine!



I must say, it’s the PERFECT place to dine! Why?  Because it is one of the very few establishments which GENUINELY CARE not only about the health of their customers but also their staff and even the less fortunate. A restaurant with a heart indeed! This place definitely deserves support!


On a personal note, I’ve been a food critic for years now (so I’m confident that I know what I’m doing). I’ve tasted countless dishes and visited hundreds of establishments all over the country but I would have to say that it is so rare to find an establishment nowadays which offers simply the freshest and best quality ingredients possible especially when you’re in Manila!

Upon our arrival, me and my buddies Frank and Paula were greeted by their very warm and friendly staff! Mr. Earl Chua (proprietor) was also there to show us around and orient us about the food and the overall concept of the place.





FaBurrito offers an array of guilt-free Mexican dishes such as burritos, tacos, salsas etc! At FaBurrito, they will NEVER serve you anything that is bad for your health! They guarantee only the finest freshest ingredients prepared daily to provide us customers the satisfaction we all deserve! All dishes have NO MSG and NO SUGAR (they use natural sweeteners)  but rest assured that they all taste great!! Yey! Yey! Personally, I wouldn’t just recommend this to health buffs and people with diabetes or hypertension… I highly recommend FaBurrito to EVERYONE because we all deserve to live  long healthy lives! 


Let me tell you more about the fab food…..


It’s really really easy! All you have to do is choose your dish (Burrito, bowl, tacos or salad), pick your protein, (chicken, beef, pork or fajita vegies), select your salsa (fresh tomato, grilled corn, mango, onion and habanero) and finally, pick your dressing (balsamic, cucumber yogurt, mango and pineapple) and you’re all set!!   

so easy to pick your dish!



every order is prepared right in front of you..



Cajun Tenderloin Beef



Peppered Pork



Mango BBQ Chicken



Fajita Vegatables



Here’s what Earl offered us that day…       


Mango BBQ Chicken Burrito (270php) – delicately flavored grilled crisp, sweet tangy chicken along with brown rice, black beans, cucumber yogurt and jack cheese all wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla! Woah! It’s my 1st ever time to eat burritos without the bloated feel afterwards! For those who aren’t used to the taste and texture of brown rice, I say it’s a must to drizzle a healthy dose of your preferred dressing to make it more satisfying! As for me, the chicken complimented the rice well that I could still enjoy it even without the dressing! It’s a matter of personal preference.

the healthiest burrito in town!



the good burrito!



Cajun Beef Tacos (285php) – 4 pieces of whole wheat tortillas filled with  Cajun Beef  along with fresh salsa, lettuce, cabbage and jack cheese! I just love everything about it! The beef was of outstanding quality! 4 thumbs up (feet included)!! I’m a huge taco fan so I will definitely attempt to serve this at home as well!

Cajun Beef Tacos!


high class quality Terderloin beef!



The Fab Bowl (270php)This one is a true winner as well! A guilt-free super meal loaded with everything good! A generous serving of your choice of meat (Earl recommended chicken for this) plus fresh salsa, brown rice, black beans, cucumber yogurt, jack cheese plus crunchy soy chips and lettuce served in an environmental-friendly paper bowl. The ultimate healthy meal! Definitely a must try and a must have on a regular basis!

everything good in one bowl!


 fellow writer Paula enjoying our fab lunch

The Salsas and Dressings –  Colorful, flavorful and carefully picked fresh produce prepared daily to provide customers with ultimate satisfaction! My personal picks? I adore their Mango salsa! Imagine a burst of sweet citrus freshness in your mouth! As for the dressings…I say it’s a must to try all of them from the very delicate Balsamic right down to the very hot Habenero!

their signature Mango salsa – a must try!


my editor Vince is a fan as well!



grilled corn


fresh greens


all salsas and dressings have their own distinct taste!




The splendid teas…

FaBurrito not only offers fab food but fab refreshments as well! I’m a tea lover since birth! When I tasted their beverages, I became an instant fan! They offer 2 varieties for now… Mint Green Tea (50php) and Fruit Green Tea (70php). Both are refreshingly great thirst quenchers! I would have to admit though that I prefer the Mint Green tea more since I’m used to mint’s fresh and calming aroma!



Mint and Fruit Green Teas


 my photographer buddy Frank enjoying his tea 



The Prices – I know for a fact that some of you may react about the prices. Believe me, it’s all worth every hard-earned peso! Don’t you think it’s high time to spend a little extra on healthy food instead of buying those costly synthetic medicines and paying hospital bills? Think again! I believe that now is the time for us Filipinos to start minding what we eat! A simple change of lifestyle won’t hurt! =)


The place- Definitely fresh and hip as I would describe it with its citrus color scheme! They chose wooden chairs and tables for a more casual feel! From the 2nd floor down to the comfort room, there is no doubt that the place is squeaky clean and very neat! I really hope they can maintain its cleanliness.




Aside from the Fabulous food, we were impressed with its owner’s passion and vision for FaBurrito! To do business the right way and to serve food with integrity are just some of Earl Chua‘s many aims. I could tell that he definitely knew what he was talking about and with that, I was very very impressed! I remember asking him so many questions and shared our insights about food. I find him to be a genuinely good guy! He’s one of the very few business owners which  give employees equal opportunities by providing them with regularizations, English proficiency and product knowledge trainings. They sure got a houseful of happy workers there filling the place with such happy vibes! Fast, friendly and reliable service with a genuine smile! Furthermore, because they truly believe that it’s their duty to help those who are less privileged, 10% of it’s earnings are directly donated to their very own charity (The fabfoundation)! 4 thumbs up again for his benevolence!



we were so impressed with his passion and dedication


Earl was very hands-on in managing the store!


Service with a genuine smile!


Happy workers indeed!


Congratulations to the whole staff of FaBurrito!! You did great guys!!



For the 1st time, a food establishment which genuinely cares about my health! Me and my friends went home very satisfied with our tummies filled with guilt-free fab food accompanied with genuine smiles and thoughts on how to live a happier fuller life by eating right! What a great way to reward yourself! This my friends is what you call  “the good life!” These are the good things which we should never deprive ourselves with!


obviously having a fabulous time at FaBurrito!



So when in Manila, be sure to visit and reward not only yourself but your loved ones with FaBurrito and make it your paborito as well!


Special Thanks to my talented photography partner Frank Ruaya for his support and for providing me with these fabulous photos!


G/F Tower 2, The Columns, Ayala Avenue, Makati
Contact #: (02) 576-3533 (look for Earl Chua)


Be sure to be there during their grand opening on October 19, 2011!!


For more inquiries, you may visit their website at www.faburrito.com!

my new paborito burrito place is FaBurrito!




FaBurrito: New Fresh and Healthy Burrito Restaurant in Makati! Try their Mango Salsa!


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