Anti-Age Discrimination in Employment Now A Law

If you think that you’re too old for a certain job, the good news is that employers can no longer use that against you when you’re applying for work.

101 years old mom feeding 63 yrs old son

The Anti-Age Discrimination in Employment Act has now become a law after Malacañang failed to act on it after 30 days of receiving the bill, according to local reports.

The law, also known as RA 10911 is meant to promote equality in the workplace with respect to age, covering all employees and job applicants, which include the local and national governments, contractors and organizations. Under the law, companies are now prohibited to include an age preference in job advertisements, and that they can no longer require job applicants to state their age during the process of hiring.

RA 10911 now safeguards from the following:

  • Declining an applicant
  • Reducing the wage of all employees to comply with RA 10911
  • Providing less compensation and benefits
  • Denying promotions or training opportunities
  • Forced dismissal of older age workers
  • Forcing early retirement

Thoughts on this? Do you think this is fair?