AnnyeonghaseYUM! These korean chicken dishes are the comfort food to beat–and they deliver!

You know in K-dramas when they’re eating fried chicken and your mouth starts to water? I know it’s not just me. Each piece looks perfectly fried and battered, sometimes glossy with some sauce and dip that just tingles the tastebuds. Sometimes I don’t even pay attention to the plot anymore because I’m so focused on the chicken.

Well, lucky for you, these Korean chicken places serve the very same mouth-watering chicken, too! They’re delicious, crispy, and have a variety of Korean sauces that are just heavenly to eat. I can’t stress this enough. I finished every single bite and still craved more. And I’m sure you will, too!

Best part? They all deliver. You’re one lucky foodie!

Wings on Wheels

Wings on Wheels had multiple varieties and flavors to choose from. Not only do they have actual wings, but if you’re into boneless with different flavors, this is the place to go. Delectable, moist, perfectly-cooked chicken tossed in different sauces, all good in their own way.


Wings on Wheels is a delivery-only restaurant that serves its chicken still crispy even when it’s been on the road. Their boneless chicken was everything I wanted in Korean chicken, without the hassle of eating around the bone. Each sauce, of which they have plenty, coats the chicken perfectly and they really don’t skimp, with a perfect pool of sauce still in the container in case a bite of it wasn’t enough. Their bestselling sauces are Honey Sriracha, Garlic Parmesan, Jack Daniels, and Korean, but they also have Mango Habanero, Classic Buffalo, and Extremely Hot.

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What I love about Wings on Wheels is that their chicken is so easy to eat. Just pick them up and pop them in your mouth and experience a flavor explosion in your mouth. Juicy and tasty, Wings on Wheels will satisfy.


Instagram: @wingsonwheelsph

Hwai Ting

Hwai Ting serves huge pieces of chicken in three different varieties: Plain, sweet and spicy, and soy garlic. Perfectly crisp with every bite, it makes that shattering crunch that puts ASMR to shame.

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They sell their chicken frozen which is smart so that it doesn’t get soggy on the way to the buyer. With simple and succinct instructions, they show you how to achieve a moist and still crispy chicken that you can eat plain (it’s absolutely delightful) or with one of their signature sauces: Sweet and Spicy and Soy Garlic–just toss to coat after cooking. Sweet and Spicy was my favorite and I spooned some more sauce on each chicken piece to really saturate ever single bite.

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“Hwai Ting” comes from the Korean phrase “hwaiting” which is like “gambatte” in Japanese. It exudes this positive fighting spirit, one that the owner thought was fitting during these difficult times of quarantine. “People and issues come and go, but good food will never ever disappoint,” she says. And we can’t agree more, with their delectable chicken, simple but delicious sauces, and the positivity with which they operate, Hwai Ting is a brand to watch out for.

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Just look at those chicken pieces. They really do taste as good as they look. And each portion is so big that you’ll definitely be satisfied no matter what.

Hwai Ting IG Price


Instagram: @hwaitingfoodph


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Meokja, which means ‘Let’s Eat’ in Korean, is a Korean online food business that came to fruition recently because they believe that quality food can make these trying times a little better. Their chicken flavors are based on the most popular Korean chicken favors – Sweet Garlic Soy and Yangnyeom – and man, are they addicting! They are also experimenting with other flavors at the moment with hopes of offering a wider variety of options in the future.

Instagram: @meokja.mnl


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Another ECQ brainchild, Chickbap sells not just delicious Korean chicken, but also a plethora of Korean food that’ll complete the Korean dining experience. Serving customized boxes, any customer can get the Korean meal of their dreams with choices of japchae, tteokboki, kimbap, and more! So they’re not just about their fried chicken (which is a blessing from the heavens in itself), but about the whole k-experience in a meal.

Their flavors were inspired by K-dramas and we love that, each bite a reminder of our favorite moments in the dramas. I especially felt like I was in Weightlifting Fairy as I ate, happily chewing away at their yummy chicken.

You can have the chicken fried and even saucy with a sweet and spicy sauce that leaves some heat behind despite its initial sweet tang. A great balance of flavors and cooked to perfection, you can tell that these dishes were made with love and care–and we’re so lucky to have tried them. We especially loved that the chicken stayed crisp despite the sauciness, amazed at the crunch we got even if they didn’t skimp on the sauce.


Instagram: @chickbap

Mambo Chicken

Mambo Chicken, located in BF Homes for you Southies, was made when the owner began to miss his home in Korea and, of course, the fried chicken. Here in the Philippines, when we think of fried chicken, we think of plain with gravy but in Korea, it’s always with a variety of different sauces and spices to play around with flavors. So, in order to curb his desire for Korean fried chicken, he started the business.

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The fried chicken was crisp and moist at the same time, an explosion of the delicious marinade and well-balanced sauce at the same time. Being able to customize spice level was also nice, allowing anyone who wants to delicious a mild spice to enjoy themselves while letting those who crave heat to challenge themselves, as well.

Each bite was packed with flavor–they certainly didn’t hold back. It was a great medley of flavors, all working together in harmony. The spice complemented the sweet and the warmth of the chicken helped us feel full and happy.


We loved the addition of side dishes, too, it felt like a full meal!


The owner was especially passionate about letting people feel the passion and joy and excitement of fried chicken as someone who lived in Daegu, the place where the annual Chicken and Beer is held. Here’s what he said about it:

My hometown in Korea is a city called Daegu. It is where the annual Chicken and Beer is held. Whenever I attend this festival, my favorite thing to witness would be the attendees, regardless of their age, nationality, and status in the society, gathered in one place to celebrate their love for Korean fried chicken. This is what I want to share with the Filipinos, that Mambo Chicken, is for everyone and to let our customers know how the Korean Fried Chicken experience should be– you will feel excitement from the smell of our fried chicken, happiness in every bite, and real and full satisfaction upon finishing the last piece— an experience you would love to repeat and share with your loved ones, without compromising quality and service.

Instagram: @mambochickenph

Which one are you trying? I won’t blame you if you try them all!

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