Angus Tapa Centrale: Indulge in Prime Quality Beef Tapa 24/7

Maginhawa and Malingap Streets in Quezon City never run out of mouth-watering treats, making them a real haven for foodies and casual diners alike. With all the restaurants that can be found in the area, finding an eating place where you can have an epic dining experience is not much of a challenge—unless you have an irregular schedule like me.

In fact, I’ve already had a fair share of heart-breaking moments with some of the establishments here. I crave something in the middle of the night, walk along these famous streets to find a place that interests me, only to find out that the said establishment is already closing for the day.

angus tapa centrale

Perhaps it is the series of similar experiences that has taught me to be more strategic and keep an eye on restaurants that are open 24/7. Well, Angus Tapa Centrale is one of these life savers. Whether you have an odd shift at work, or are simply not fond of hitting the sheets at night, expect its doors to be open for you even in the wee hours of the morning. It’s also a place where you can sober up after a long drinking session with your friends.

angus tapa centrale

angus tapa centrale

angus tapa centrale

angus tapa centrale

However, Angus Tapa Centrale’s charm does not solely rely on its schedule. It has a lot to offer when it comes to food. In fact, when we first learned about it, we were immediately intrigued. Sure, we knew about Angus corned beef and other dishes prepared using Angus beef, but Angus for tapa? Just imagine: your all-time favorite tapsilog made so much better with 100% pure imported USDA-Certified Organic Angus beef.

Our first Angus tapa experience was definitely life-changing. Being a Tapsilog fan myself, I have always been aware that not all tapas are made equal. Some are juicy while some are just dry; some are tender while some need to be eaten with a knife on your hand. Otherwise, you won’t be able to fully enjoy the meal.

While waiting for the Angus Beef Tapa on our first visit, we indulged in the cheesy and meaty goodness of Spam and Cheese Rolls Sticks. To me, it was a perfect combination. I was Spam-dependent as a child, and have always loved anything that had cheese on and in it.

angus tapa centrale Spam & Cheese Roll Sticks (P115)

After a while, the main attraction arrived on our table. It was the best-selling Original Gourmet US Organic Angus Beef Tapa, composed of thin Angus beef strips. Immediately, I was reminded of Beef Misono. The only difference, perhaps, was that Angus Tapa Centrale’s Angus Tapa was crispier and that the beef strips looked darker and curled more. As for the taste, I can say that it had the balance of everything—just the right level of saltiness and, at the same time, there was no overpowering citrus-y taste that could be found in other tapas. It went well with the not-so-oily fried rice and perfectly done sunny-side-up egg. Fans of spicy food could opt for the hot and spice variety of it.

angus tapa centrale Gourmet US Organic Angus Beef Tapa – Original (P165)

angus tapa centraleGourmet US Organic Angus Beef Tapa – Hot & Spicy (P185)

The next one we tried was the Gourmet US Angus Tapa Rice Bowl. It was the perfect hangover food, we realized. If you’re too drunk to even slice your tapa strips before you gobble them down, this one’s definitely for you. It simply has everything in it—fried rice, bits of Angus Beef Tapa, and egg. You can eat it without exerting much effort.

angus tapa centraleGourmet US Angus Tapa Rice Bowl (175)

We were also able to try the Gourmet Wagyu Beef Tapa made from Certified Organic American Kobe beef. Like the Angus Tapa, it was also tender. Chewing it, in truth, reminded me of how effortless chewing bacon strips could be. Your jaw wouldn’t hurt even a bit.

angus tapa centraleGourmet Wagyu Beef Tapa – Original (P265)

The USDA Prime Organic Angus Beef Salpicao, on the other hand, gave us a unique dining experience. Instead of having beef strips, it was made from Natural Black Angus Beef Tenderloin cut into small cubes and sauteed in butter and garlic. 

angus tapa centraleUSDA Prime Organic Angus Beef Salpicao (P365)

Taking a break from all the beefy indulgence, we tried the Boneless Bangus served with friend rice, egg, and slices of fresh tomatoes. The fish was fried the right way, we could tell. It had the perfect texture and level of crispiness.

angus tapa centraleBoneless Bangus – Whole (P145)

The burger and sandwich lover in me also rejoiced as I learned that Angus Tapa Centrale had a wide array of burgers and sandwiches. My personal favorite is the Gourmet US Black Angus Burger, which is a must-try for anyone who wants to rekindle his romance with burgers. When I first tried this, I was reminded about what burgers were all about—meat.

angus tapa centraleGourmet US Black Angus Burger (P225)

Apart from the burger, we also wolfed down US Angus Philly Cheesesteak. We were delighted by the perfectly cooked Angus Beef stuffed in fresh baguette, together with cheese and small slices of jalapeño. We were also able to try its croissant and bagel counterparts: the US Angus Beef in Croissant and the US Angus Beef in Bagel. After having tried them all, I realized that I would never see sandwiches the same way again.

angus tapa centrale US Organic Angus Philly Cheesesteak – Original (P215)

angus tapa centrale (14)US Organic Angus Beef in Croissant (P235)

angus tapa centrale US Organic Angus Beef in Bagel – Original (P210)

In between meals, each of us tried frappucinos. Mine was the Nutella Frappe while my two companions tried the Cookies and Cream and Creamy Strawberry. We loved the fact that the coffee-based ones, the Cookies and Cream and Nutella Frappes, actually had enough coffee in them.

angus tapa centraleCookies n Cream Frappe (P145), Strawberries n Cream Frappe (P155), and Nutella Frappe (P150)

We thought the food trip would end there, but we were wrong. We learned that besides serving sumptuous rice meals and sandwiches, Angus Tapa Centrale was also known for its delectable desserts. Though already on the verge of being full, we braved to try some of them.

angus tapa centrale

The first dessert we tried was the Frozen Mango Brazo de Mercedes, which was a unique take on the ever-famous dessert. It was a clever play on textures: graham crumbs, luscious mango ice cream, and slices of real mango topped with thick meringue that melted in the mouth. Its counterpart, the Frozen Banoffee Brazo De Mercedez, was equally delightful. It was composed of layers of grahams crumbs, vanilla ice cream, toffee, and meringue.

angus tapa centrale Frozen Mango Brazo de Mercedes – Small (P235)

angus tapa centraleFrozen Banoffee Brazo de Mercedes – Small (P235)

Next, we tasted the Classic Sansrival. We fell in love with the cashew-sprinkled French buttercream that coated the cashew meringue. Its counterpart, the Almond Mocha Sansrival, was a joy to any coffee lover. It was almond meringue coated by mocha buttercream and then sprinkled with almonds.

angus tapa centraleClassic Sansrival – Small (P155)

angus tapa centraleAlmond Mocha Sansrival – Small (P175)

The Dome was next in line. Upon seeing it, I realized that, indeed, it was the materialization of all my chocolate-y dreams. It was a dome of Belgian chocolate filled with creamy Nutella and chocolate mousse. The dome was covered with dark chocolate ganache and was sprinkled with baby chocolate chips.

angus tapa centraleThe Dome – Small (P155)

After consuming all these food, we felt as if we were in a food coma. Good thing we could always go back to try other dishes in their menu. In fact, we would love to try some new dishes they would start to serve soon, such as the Cheesy French Fries with Angus Tapa Bits, Crispy Danggit, and Organic Mixed Green.

angus tapa centrale

angus tapa centrale

angus tapa centrale

Before we left, each of us drank a cup of Café Americano. We also tasted the very special Tablea from Cagayan de Oro.

angus tapa centrale Cafe Americano (P75)

angus tapa centrale

It was a superb dining experience. Now we look forward to more late-night food trips at Angus Tapa Centrale. We are also happy to know that whatever time of the day it is, its doors will be open for us, ready to serve Angus Tapa.



Angus Tapa Centrale

Malingap Branch: 22 Malingap Street Teachers Village, Quezon City
Kamuning Branch: 11th Jamboree Street cor. Kamuning Road, Quezon City