An Awesome Secret Foodies Tour at Tuscany, McKinley Hill – Tickets Now on Sale!

An Awesome Secret Foodies Tour: Dessert at Sophie’s Mom

 What you will try:

-Oreo Cheesecake Cookie – Sophie’s Mom specialty cookies

-Flourless Chocolate Cupcake – dark chocolate terrine with salted caramel whipped cream


Awesome Secret Foodies Tour5

With it’s light colors and “feel-at-home” vibe, it’s almost impossible to miss this place. As we walked along Tuscany, I kept passing by Sophie’s Mom and saying how cute it looked. I was so excited to go in simply because it looked like home. However, don’t let the dainty interiors and soft, floral touches get in the way of judging the cupcake you are about to devour in Sophie’s Mom. Contrary to the look and feel of the cafe, Sophie’s Mom’s cupcakes do pack a punch – flavorful, moist and brimming with unique flavors, they surely have paved the way to trump most cupcake cafes around the city. Read more about Sophie’s Mom in our previous feature HERE.

Awesome Secret Foodies Tour8

Sophie’s mom has cupcakes that are not only good to eat, but also great to look at!

Awesome Secret Foodies Tour9Sophie’s Mom at the Secret Foodie Tour: This is  #happyplace

An Awesome Secret Foodies Tour: Wine Pairing at Planet Grapes

What you will try:

-Choice of one red wine and one white wine from planet grapes

Tuscany Mckinley Hill Planet Grapes1

Wine is always something that brings people together. However, most people here in the Philippines still prefer beer to wine. It is therefore the goal of Planet Grapes to educate the Filipinos by showing us how flexible wine can actually be. Who says wine is only for the rich and famous? At Planet Grapes, it’s not just wine and cheese… it’s wine and balut! At Planet Grapes, you’re able to taste the best wine minus the drama.

 Tuscany Mckinley Hill Planet Grapes

Filipino street food as well as the usual ham and cheese paired with wine at Planet Grapes

Tuscany Mckinley Hill Planet Grape

 The wine is placed in a dispenser! Making it waaaaayyy cooler to drink wine! (hehe)


Besides the unique pairing of street foods and wine, what I especially loved about Planet Grapes was their top-notch services. The waiters were extremely nice and accommodating, and were very knowledgeable of their product. You see, I personally enjoy wine, but I don’t usually know what kind of wine I like. So when I was asked what wine I wanted them to serve me, I just stared at them with a blank face. The waiter then asked me if I preferred something sweet or sour, he also asked if I wanted something strong or light. I gave him my preferences and he suggested a wine that would sooth my taste – Crane Lake. In all fairness, he actually gave me a really good glass of white wine. I LOVED it!



An Awesome Secret Foodies Tour: Tickets and Other Information

The Awesome Secret Foodies Tour gave me the chance to experience 8 different restaurants and 20 various dishes all in one night. Through it, I now have an idea what each restaurant has to offer, making it easier and less risky for me to go back next time. I HIGHLY recommend all foodies out there to take this food tour! For just 1,000 pesos, you get to have a culinary experience unlike any other.

An Awesome Secret Foodies Tour



The Awesome Secret Foodies Tour will run every Saturday from November 30 to December 21  from 2pm – 5pm 

Here are the Mechanics for The Awesome Secret Foodies Tour (as shared by Anton Diaz of OurAwesomePlanet)

  1. An Awesome Secret Foodies Tour will run on Nov 30, Dec 7, Dec 14 and Dec 21, 2013 from 2PM – 5PM in Tuscany at McKinley Hill.
  2. Tickets for the tour are priced at P1, 000. One ticket admits one (1) person.
  3. Tickets are sold at the Redemption Booth near the Tuscany Grand Villas Gate (near Ukokei Ramen) from Mondays to Friday, 11am to 8pm only
  4. Participants may choose their preferred date for the tour on a first come first served basis.
  5. No rebooking of tours.
  6. No ticket reservations will be entertained over the phone.
  7. Tickets must be claimed in person on a first come, first served basis.
  8. For ticket inquiries, please call +632 709-0888, 709-9888, +63 917 838-0111

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Photos by Ivica Say, Write-up by Cheryl Golangco


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