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 An Awesome Secret Foodies Tour: Appetizer 2 by B & T Mexican Kitchen

What you will try:

-Chipotle Chicken Pizza – roasted thick tortilla with chipotle adobo sauce, cheese, pico de gallo, fajitas, chipotle chicken and mozarella cheese

-Mango Glazed Habanero Chicken – Crispy chicken wings glazed in mango sauce

-Taquitos Especial with Barbacoa – 4-piece fried or torched rolled tortilla filled with mild shredded beef, chipotle adobo, jalapeno peppers and melted moncheddar cheese, and served with side salad

-Nacho Chips with Assorted Dips – corn nachos with choice dips

Tuscany Mckinley Hill B&T

I was already getting stuffed an we weren’t even half way! I was so excited to try everything! So from the Jews to the Italians, we then move on over to the Mexicans at B & T Mexican Kitchen (Burritos and Tacos Mexican Kitchen). The owners were very lovely people and really welcomed each of us to their little Mexican Kitchen. When asked, Dr. Tan (owner) shares that their kids live in California where Mexican food is rampant. They fell in love with it and decided to bring the concept to the Philippines.

Tuscany Mckinley Hill B&T4Ivica and I with B&T owner Dr. Tan at the Secret Foodie Tour

Tuscany Mckinley Hill B&T2

I’m not sure which among these dishes I liked the most because I just really loved them all. I’m usually not a fan of mexian food because I find the taste to be bland and boring, however, B&T changed my view of Mexican dishes forever. The pizza was unique and not something I could taste everyday. It was filled with delicious toppings and complimented by its thin crust. The Habanero Chicken on the other hand was very flavorful. It didn’t taste oily at all. The taquitos, was jam-packed with beef, adobo and chicken that the taste was just so powerful and good!

An Awesome Secret Foodies Tour: Appetizer 3 by Sauceria

What you will try:

-Tuna Tataki – Zaru soba with homemade wasabi sour cream

Sauceria believes that quality food starts from the freshest ingredients – locally farmed, with a low carbon footprint and minimal pesticide content. The best flavors come only from the most natural of sources, and Sauceria’s samplings are made from nothing less. The last dish for our appetizers would be the Tuna Tataki from Sauceria.

Tuscany Mckinley Hill Sauceria

An Awesome Secret Foodies Tour: Main Dish 1 by Sauceria

What you will try:

-Artisinal All Beef Burger – artisinal beef with tuyo blue cheese spread in a Furikaki bun

-Feta Cilantro Tomato Cocas – Spanish-style pizza based on Sauceria pizza line

Sauceria comes from the word sauce. Here at sauceria, they make all their sauces from scratch. This way, their sauces don’t only taste better, but it comes out healthier too. In fact, they grow some of their ingredients such as rosemary, thyme and mint in their main branch along Boni Serrano Ave. Though the owners admit that they also buy other ingredients, they make sure to check the label properly. If there is something on the label that they are unfamiliar with, they will opt to not use it and instead make their own.  The owner doesn’t only care that you eat good food, he cares that you eat healthy too.

Tuscany Mckinley Hill Sauceria1Sauceria and owner with the delicious food at the Secret Foodies Tour

An Awesome Secret Foodies Tour: Main Dish 2 by Marciano’s

What you will try:

-West Side Four Season Pizza: a 12 inch pizza with pepperoni, mushroom, seafood and four cheese

-Woody Allen Linguine which consists of shitake button mushrooms with prosciutto in truffle cream sauce

-Dow Jones, a US T-bone with prawns, potato wedges and roasted vegetables

Tuscany’t Italian vibe eschoes through the entire food strip, a restaurant, however, embodies more than just the facade – it brings authentic, flavorful Italian cuisine to diners who wish to enjoy a delectable plate that is simply “perfecto!”

Tuscany Mckinley Hill Marcianos1

With a kitchen led by expert Italian chef, Giorgio Buciarelli, one can expect al dente pasta creations, unique and freshly made pizzas and rich, juicy premium cut steaks; all of which are among the very best.

Tuscany Mckinley Hill MArcianos2

I personally loved their steak! The meat was tender and cooked to perfection! I’m sure I’ll be going back to Marciano’s for this!

An Awesome Secret Foodies Tour: Main Dish 3 and Dessert by Main Street

What you will try:

-Poutine – thick-cut fries served with beef gravy and cheese curds

-Wagyu Burger – Kitayama beef in sesame bun and served with tomato relish, cheddar cheese and house sauce

-Organic Maple and Candied Bacon Artisan Ice Cream – candied bacon on vanilla maple base


Then Canadian-based restaurateur, Adam Tacderas-Tan, enjoyed spending his afternoons on Main Street in Vancouver. Immersing himself in the French-Canadian hybrid of culinary delights, he has come to create a soft-spot for this strip’s cuisine. Main Street is  the first Canadian restaurant in Manila and the food was absolutely divine. Poutine is actually a Canadian national dish which uses french fries as its main ingredient. I never thought a cheese and gravy mixture would taste so good!

Awesome Secret Foodies Tour3

The Wagyu burger was also another favorite as the meat Chef Adam uses was compact and had little fat to add to the texture. The perfect patty in my book! The burger was also BIG, so unless you have a huge appetite, Main Street’s burger is good for sharing.

Awesome Secret Foodies Tour2

The Maple and Candied Bacon ice cream from Main Street on the other hand was one of a kind! At first, it was a bit weird… mostly because you don’t often taste bacon in your ice cream. But somehow, it’s uniqueness made it all the more tastier. The maple syrup reminded me of pancakes, combining that with the bacon made it feel like a breakfast dessert explosion in my mouth! Definitely something you all have to try – especially if you love bacon.

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