Alishan: A Province of Natural Wonders in Taiwan

When we say Taiwan, we always think of street food; but beyond the bright lights and food scents lies a wonderful province that you will surely enjoy.

Alishan is most known for their tea and coffee. The mountains are covered with Oolong Tea Leaves, which are the main crops exported from the province. When driving around Alishan, you are sure to see a tea house where you can get authentic Oolong Tea fresh from the farm.

Yuyupas, a cultural center and tea farm in Alishan, offers an entire experience of tea culture. You will be welcomed by the locals wearing traditional costumes and a short welcome ceremony.

We had a short tea ceremony where we got to try traditional servings of Oolong Tea, Black Tea, Green Tea and other kinds that they harvest there.

Aside from the amazing tea, Alishan is also the home of the beautiful cherry blossoms. Though many people think that they can only see these beauties in Japan, Taiwan has some parks where they bloom a few times a year.

It was my first time to see cherry blossoms and they looked so amazing, I couldn’t help but take photos of the flowers and even some portraits!

Past the cherry blossoms, you will get to the endless tea farms. It is way up high in the mountains giving you a cool and refreshing experience, though you have to walk thousands of steps.

Aside from the cherry blossoms, Taiwan also has plenty of magnolia trees.

You can hop on a train to see the Alishan Forest Railway where you can see preserved trees that are hundreds of years old.

The place is perfect to take a walk in and just to breathe in the beauty of nature.

Going to Taiwan soon? Why not travel to the province of Alishan for that vacation you have long waited for?

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