A Celebration of Lights and Colors at the 2018 Taiwan Lantern Festival

Taiwan has been on the bucket list of places to visit for many Filipinos. And with the recent lifting of the visa requirement for Philippine passport holders to visit Taiwan, more and more Filipinos are now visiting the country to check out the sights and, of course, the food!

This 2018, Taiwan is celebrating the 2018 Lantern Festival.

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Dubbed as one of the biggest festivals in Taiwan, the Lantern Festival is filled with sparkling lights and fun activities. Different cities, communities, and schools participated with their own lanterns to show their creativity and individuality.

For the entertainment, different groups from Asia performed, including Hayag Dance Company from Dumaguete who performed Sarah Geronimo’s song for the ABS-CBN Station ID in 2012 entitled “Pinoy Summer Da Best Forever”. The Philippine representative garnered loud cheers and claps as they changed from one costume to another and presented traditional dances from different provinces and feasts in the Philippines.

Another stellar performance was from the Japan group who performed with their kimonos that transform with different colors and designs while dancing.

The theme for the 2018 Taiwan Lantern Festival was “loyalty” which was represented by the biggest lantern of a dog and its owner. This is to signify the loyalty of man’s best friend to its human and how this is a bond that should be nurtured. It is also a celebration of the year of the dog this 2018.

Overall, the Taiwan Lantern Festival is an incredible spectacle that should not be missed. Start planning your travels, and catch the Lantern Festival again as it returns next year!

Have you been to the Lantern Festival before? Share your experience with us!

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