Alex G’s New Music Video is All of us Right Now!

“At first I was afraid, I was petrified. Kept thinking I could never get out of this lockdown alive…”

That first line is definitely how we all feel during this very uncertain time. We are all wondering when everything will go back to normal and when we can spend time with friends again. We are all thinking of all the canceled travel and adventures.

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A lot of things have greatly affected how young people live and think nowadays, more than a year into the lockdown. Some have used the time at home to become productive and creative with passion projects, small businesses while others continue working from home, trying to keep up with the demands and pressures of their jobs. There are different ways on how people, especially the younger generation are trying to entertain themselves to get by and stay positive in this very uncertain time.  Yes, it is also the time to virtually reconnect with friends and family, but truth be told, staying motivated enough to tell yourself “LABAN! FIGHT LANG NANG FIGHT” has been an obvious struggle.

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It is timely that Vitamilk launched its digital campaign inspired by the iconic song “I Will Survive”. The campaign celebrates millennials and their perseverance in creating new paths and new ways to thrive despite life’s adversities. Nowadays, in a world where it’s more difficult to stay motivated, it’s good to be reminded of the things we’ve worked so hard to achieve and to find our second wind – our source of renewed energy.

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“I Will Survive is the perfect inspiration for Vitamilk’s newest campaign because it is a song of empowerment for people who think they’ll never make it but keeps on pushing through. Kapag nawalan ka na ng hope, doon ka na mawawalan ng gana. Kaya ako whenever I feel down and tired, I drink Vitamilk talaga and after that mababalik na ako sa momentum ko.” Said Vitamilk Ambassador Alex Gonzaga.

Alex also shared her new discoveries and tips to take better care of yourself while stuck at home. “I became a coffee lover because of the Dalgona Coffee craze, hinahaluan ko pa yun ng Vitamilk para mas filling and masarap. Nowadays, I do yoga and I drink Vitamilk before my workout primarily because of the protein, it really energizes you para may lakas at fight ka for the day.”

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Today, Alex remains to be one of the most in-demand celebrity endorsers, actresses, and TV hosts in the country. And there is no stopping her as she is also managing her own businesses.

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If you’re a millennial affected by the pandemic who is either overworked, retrenched, or barely holding on to a dream, you probably told yourself, BABAWI AKO”, said Vitamilk Brand Manager, Noah Vicedo.

Vitamilk is here to give you that renewed energy to beat that feeling of quitting and not going on. A strong reminder that you should always have that “Goal lang nang Goal” mindset so that whenever you feel tired, you will remain motivated and not be distracted.

Because we will survive. As long as may Vitamilk, we’ll always feel alive.”

We must always find that all-natural strength and all-out energy to not only survive but also thrive in pursuing more life goals and realizing as many dreams as we possibly can. Because it truly #FillsGood to be successful by taking charge of your life.

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