Air Asia’s e-Boarding Pass and Southwest Service: Superb Boracay Transport Convenience

The island of Boracay in Visayas is a highly popular tourist destination.




But even in best destinations, travel frustrations can occur. Air Asia Philippines targets to provide better service in air transport to one of the world’s favorite destinations with their latest offering: the AirAsia e-Boarding Pass.


All you have to do is install the iOs or Android app of AirAsia on your smartphone.


Open the app, click the Check in button and it will ask for additional details regarding your departure.


After clicking check-in, it will auto-generate your assigned seats for your flight.

AirAsia-PH-e-Boarding-Pass-Southwest-Service-Ultra-Convenient-Combination-0002 It will also give you a QR code that you can easily scan at any AirAsia kiosk in the airport. If you do not have baggage to check in, you can go straight to pre-departure area; otherwise, there is just this bag drop section at NAIA Terminal 4 for checking things in. 

 For our Boracay trip last week, we decided to use this service and we were stymied by the ease and convenience. They also have very friendly staff on board. 


The flight arrived earlier than scheduled, and we were already comfortably seated at the plane earlier than the announced boarding time. The window seat perk was being able to watch the cumulus clouds of summer with its varying shapes and sizes. 


In addition, we also availed ourselves of the existing Southwest transport service partnership with Air Asia which took us out of the airport and straight to our hotel in under two hours. 


From the very beginning, it was a very smooth and hassle-free experience. And we ended up having more time for our Boracay adventures and less time for unnecessary transport stress. 




When going to Boracay, try Air Asia and Southwest’s highly recommended service, and you will gladly find that your vacation’s pleasures will begin much earlier than your scheduled arrival.