13 Pet Costumes for Dogs That are Just Too Adorable

One of our readers requested a listicle on pet costumes, and we aim to please! Here are 13 pet costumes for dogs that are just too adorable! The best part is that they all come in different sizes so you can just choose the perfect size for your pet and dress them up to your heart’s content. Plus, a lot of them are currently on sale at Shopee!

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13 Pet Costumes for Dogs That are Just Too Adorable


Pet Costumes for Dogs Hotdog

Turn your doggo into a snack with this cute hotdog costume! Buy it now while it’s at 57% off!

Guitar Player

Pet Costumes for Dogs Guitar Player

Love music? Check out this adorable costume that will make your dog look like a guitar player! Buy it now while it’s at 16% off!

Khaki Jumpsuit

Pet Costumes for Dogs Khaki Jumpsuit

Who says your pets can’t look fashown, too? This costume is perfect for any casual day. Buy it today!


Pet Costumes for Dogs Pikachu

Gotta catch ’em all! Dress your dog as your favorite Pokemon! Buy it now while it’s at 64% off!

Ronald McDonald

Pet Costumes for Dogs Ronald McDonald

Love McDo? ‘Nuff said. Buy it now!


Pet Costumes for Dogs Lobster

Be my lobster? Buy this cute costume now while it’s at 64% off!

Peppa Pig Rider

Pet Costumes for Dogs Peppa Pig Rider

Who wouldn’t want to see Peppa Pig riding their dog every day? :p Buy it today!


Pet Costumes for Dogs Dinosaur

Rawr! This dinosaur costume is just too cute! Buy it now while it’s at 64% off!


Pet Costumes for Dogs Unicorn

If you prefer unicorns, they’ve got a unicorn costume, too. Buy it now while it’s at 51% off!


Pet Costumes for Dogs Totoro

Studio Ghibli fans, this is the perfect costume for your doggo! Buy it now while it’s at 64% off!

Demon Slayer

Pet Costumes for Dogs Demon Slayer

They have this available in various characters, so just take your pick! Buy it now while it’s at 55% off!

Starbucks Barista

Pet Costumes for Dogs Starbucks Barista

Turn your furry friend into a mini Starbucks barista. Buy it today!

Lion Dance

Pet Costumes for Dogs Lion Dance

Buy it now – just in time for Chinese New Year!

Shop for adorable costumes and more pet care items at Shopee now while they’re on sale!

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