ADimension at Club Morocco Subic: When the future sets its foot on the island


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When in Subic, log in to the seminar that brought us closer to the future. Well, in terms of advertising of course. “ADimension: Are You Ready for the Next Level?” is a seminar about advergaming and how to utilize animation in creating one-of-a-kind ads that is both visually pleasing and entertaining. Advergaming is basically using games to promote a certain brand or company. As they say, advertising enhances the sense of realism in games, thus satisfying clients and enhancing the players’ gaming experience. If used properly, it’ll be a win-win situation for both sides! With the use of graphics to create your very own virtual reality, who would have thought that the world of gaming can give opportunities for businessmen to advertise their products?


ADimension is all about taking advertising to the next level. Are you ready?











The seminar was graced by two speakers who are undeniably talented in their respective fields: Ms. Ria Lu and Mr. Nelson Udaundo.


 2nelson udaundo



With 24 years of animation experience under his belt, working for the production house of Ed, Edd and Eddy and even animated shows like Aladdin the Series, Timon and Pumbaa and Duck Daze in Canada.  He’s a show director, head animator, creative director and also a member of the Animation Council of the Philippines. The animator, writer and production designer Mr. Nelson Udaundo from the First Academy of Computer Arts wowed everyone with his eye-catching presentation. 




From how to create graphics using flash to how animation can help with advertisements, he showed its impact to the audience. He also did a quick demo and showed impressive videos and tutorials.


 3ria lu



The next speaker calls herself “a visual storyteller with comics as her first medium of choice, prose as second, and games as third.” She is also the developer of Talecraft, a game that aims to trigger your creative impulse by creating your own stories.  She specializes in pixel art, 3D modeling and animation, comics and graphics education. A graduate of De La Salle University majoring in Computer Science who also took a short course in computer graphics at the Tokyo Technical College, a member of the Game Developers Association of the Philippines and is presently the CEO of Komikasi Enterprise, the lovely Ms. Ria Lu brought some laughs with her witty remarks.




She showed us how Facebook games can leave an impression for app users. Brands can now use this popular social networking site to interact with their consumers in a fun and carefree way. And really, games are addicting, just don’t play 24 hours a day. 😉






There were also prizes at stake! But the biggest prize was given out by First Academy of Computer Arts, a full Graphic Design scholarship inclusive of  learning the principles of graphic design, creative conceptualization, basic and advance photo editing and even creating your own digital portfolio for 4 months! After 4 names were called, one student was destined to win: Eileen Pagayunan, a junior and a shiftee. I guess shifting had a reason after all. 🙂




(IDs for each year level. :D)



ADimension is one of the seminars for this year’s PUP Student AD Congress entitled ADTag: Follow the Trend; together with ADhesive: Binding Minds through Viral Advertising, Brandirigma: The Last Brand Standing, STD: Social Trend Driven and TRP: Sakay sa Uso. Held at Club Morocco Subic last October 20 – 23, all the seminars were executed for 2 days and the remaining 2 days were used for recreational activities. 


 And so lets look at the venue….. WELCOME TO CLUB MOROCCO!



7club morocco





Club Morocco’s perfect for those who wants to self-reflect and treat themselves with some peace and solitude. The place may mimic the islands of Survivor, but of course in a good way.  The beaches and the villa will remind you of Ariel and Prince Eric’s castle near the sea. It’s a serene getaway that takes off your mind from the busy streets, even for just a few days.




(Ready for Take Off!)



Aside from the beach there’s a pool that is as blue as the ocean. The pool also has some trees near it, so you wouldn’t get sunburned easily and also get that tropical feel, sort of a replica of the beach behind it.






 (The Water Bender!)


Inside, the resort has stained glass designs that gives off a slightly medieval feel to the cozy interiors.





Food was served four times a day, buffet style, enough to fill our stomachs for the whole day. My personal favorite was the slightly mashed potato with mayonnaise and onion. Too bad I was too hungry to even snap a shot of it. 😛




(With ADhesive’s Project Head. :P)






(Photos of food were taken during our ocular to Club Morocco. Hungry? :P)



The room we used during our ocular was the same room our section used. And yes, we only used one room with 18 people in it. Can you imagine that? XD 




(Representatives of STD: Social Trend Driven, ADhesive: Binding Minds through Viral Advertising and Brandirigma: The Last Brand Standing during our ocular.)



Sleeping time. I think.

(Present day. ADimension representatives. Too tired to move already. :P)



And so, after 4 days our adventure ends. Although the world of virtual reality is just beginning. So even When In Manila be sure to balance logging in and logging out. Experience both realities, play computer games but don’t forget to bask in the sun once in a while. 🙂




 Till next time.






Are You Ready for the Next Level?


October 20, 2012 ; 7PM – 11PM

Club Morocco Subic



10th PUP Advertising Student Congress

October 20 – 23, 2012







ADimension at Club Morocco Subic: When the future sets its foot on the island