Actor Christian Bables Thought the “Sarah G Jollibee Meal” Was Real and Tried to Order It

As Filipinos continue to share their dream fast food meals inspired by their favorite artists following the release of the BTS Meal from McDonald’s, some people were unable to tell the difference between what was real and what was merely a concept.

Among those was “Die Beautiful” actor Christian Bables who revealed on Twitter how he fell for the viral “Sarah G Jollibee Meal” that was created by a fan of the pop star. The meal concept included Tala Nuggets (star-shaped chicken nuggets), Coke Sarah (a medium-sized soft drink), and Ikot-Ikot Fries (twister fries).

christian bables pop star meal

Because the meal sounded so good and the edited poster looked so convincing, Christian actually went to Jollibee to order it. Imagine his shock when he was told that it wasn’t real!

Nag drive thru ako for the pop star meal, shet hindi pala to totoo. Napapala ng hindi nagbabasa (I went to the drive-thru for The Pop Star Meal and apparently it wasn’t true. That’s what happens when you don’t read),” he said in a Tweet, adding a crying-while-laughing emoji.

Hi ate sa Jollibee drive thru, sa lutong ng tawa mo kanina nung ineexplain ko yung meal na merong coke sarah, busog na ako. (To the one servicing the Jollibee Drive-Thru, I’m already satisfied with the way you laughed so hard when I was attempting to explain the meal that included a Coke Sarah.) Happy to have made your night.”

He then added in jest that he won’t ever fall for the fan-made meal concepts again, unless someone makes one inspired by The Sexbomb Girls.

Maniniwala nalang ako ulit sa mga meal meal na yan pag lumabas na ang BUCKET PAPA ng Sexbomb meal (The only time I will fall for those meals again is when someone releases a Bucket Papa Sexbomb Meal,” he said.

We feel you, Christian!

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