ACER SWITCH: Another MUST HAVE Gadget When In Manila. Great for Blogging!

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Allow me to quickly share with you my testimonial about the new Acer Switch….

A few months ago, I used and wrote about Acer’s Iconia W4. I found it to be useful as it was very light and compact however, I found it to be a bit too small and “bitin” with the size of the drive and screen so last June, I switched to the new Acer SWITCH!

I believe it fits my lifestyle better as I could also do photo editing with it. After switching to Acer Switch, I became 100% more productive with my work since I didn’t have to use my old 17″ laptop anymore. My new Acer Switch was able to do every task I needed to work on (writing articles, social media as well as photo editing!). And the best part is that, I can now do my work anytime and anywhere!

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And the best part is that, I can now do my work anytime and anywhere!

Another cool feature which I love about the Acer Switch is that like the Acer Iconia W4, it also has a detachable keyboard converting it to a tablet as well! It’s a laptop and tablet in one!

I can flip, rotate or detach in a snap with the use of the Acer Snap Hinge which uses the invisible force of magnetism to provide a latch-less docking solution that enables me to smoothly remove and re-attach the keyboard to the display.


I also enjoy watching movies with my Acer Switch because of its Full HD1 (1920 x 1200) display, Zero Air Gap, and IPS technology2 which provides clarity and bright color from every angle. Unlike other brands, the lcd display of Acer Switch is tougher and scratch resistant as it uses the new-generation Gorilla® Glass 3. The colors are also very bright and vivid with the use of Acer LumiFlex™ display technology. Great for gaming!


The Acer Switch is also one of the slimmest 2-in-1 laptops in the market right now making it so easy to carry everywhere!

Check out this clip to know more about its features:

I’m quite happy with its durability and vividness of its screen but I really think that if Acer also made it with an un ultra long lasting battery, this would have made the Switch as the Ultimate 2 in 1 gadget!

I tried using it for a whole day without plugging it to test its battery span but I was a bit disappointed.

So if you plan to use it outdoors, be sure to charge it fully and always bring the charger. I’m not a big fan of portable drives so I highly recommend you get the one with 500GB storage if you plan to use it for work since you’ll be needing storage for your files.  Also, it would have been better if it had a built in USB port so I don’t need to bring any cables.

Well, I’m sure that Acer will come up with more future improvements and innovative gadgets soon.

Anyways, aside from all the nice features, I must say that I just really trust the brand a lot, that’s why I’ve been a satisfied Acer user since 2008. I always invest in brands which I’ve tried and tested over the years and I can say that Acer products are always a good buy. Their customer service is also very reliable and their IT Doctors are always there to attend to my every inquiry.

I wonder what they will come up with next!

For the meantime, I’ll just enjoy every Acer Switch moment.

ACER Switch: Another MUST HAVE when in Manila!

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ACER SWITCH: Another MUST HAVE Gadget When In Manila. Great for Blogging!

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