Acer Iconia W4 Plus SMART Bro’s Gadget Plus Plan 999: The Perfect Bundle for Bloggers and Students

 Acer Iconia W4 Plus SMART Bro’s Gadget Plus Plan 999: The Perfect Bundle for Bloggers and Students

Let’s just say that I finally got tried of carrying my super heavy dinosaur laptop! lols I believe it didn’t fit my lifestyle anymore since now, I travel a whole lot compared years ago. My career as a food and travel blogger enables me to travel many places regularly so having a reliable handy gadget to help me write my articles is a must!

Laptops can be quite expensive of course depending on the specs. As for me, I didn’t want to buy a gadget costing an arm and a leg for safety reasons since I only commute. As much as possible, I didn’t want people to think I carry a laptop with me. hihihi

A few weeks ago, I got myself an Acer Iconia W4 which was bundled with Smart Bro’s Gadget Plus Plan 999. I’ve heard so many nice reviews about Acer Iconia W4, plus one of the ACER IT Doctors also recommended me this device so when I learned in was included in SMART Bro‘s list of devices, I didn’t hesitate to subscribe as it was for a very affordable subscription fee of only P999 per month!

SMART BRO ACER ICONIA Mae Ilagan When In Manila -1

I’m not really much of a techie so it took me a few days before I became familiar with its interface. It’s my 1st time to use Windows 8 but thankfully I didn’t have a hard time in using it. I’ve been using the Acer Iconia W4 for a couple of weeks now, bringing it everywhere I go and using it whenever I have rush articles to work on.

Here’s a list of the things I love about the Acer Iconia W4:

1. Lightweight and easy to carry – I can’t believe it was able to fit in my small sling bag. The Acer Iconia W4 is really handy. Ideal for bloggers like me and students who need to go online and work on documents.

2. It includes MS Office– Halleluia!!! (You know what I mean!)

3. Converts into both a netbook and tablet – This is definitely one of the “astig” features of the Acer Iconia W4. In times when I didn’t wanna use the bluetooth keyboard, I can easily detach it and it becomes a fully functional tablet!

Acer Iconia-1

4. Long Battery Life – I’m not so sure on the kind of sorcery Acer did with this but so far in my 2 weeks of experience, I was surprised I didn’t have to plug it, as its battery lasted long enough for me to work on stuff for almost a full day. Unlike with my dino-aged laptop where I had to bring bulky electric cables all the time, I now enjoy a more wireless lifestyle.

5. Soft touch hassle free typing – This is another important feature which I liked a lot. The Bluetooth keyboard’s size was very ideal for me. I found it quite easy to hit the keys. I’m a person who types fast so I liked the fact that I didn’t make a lot of typos whenever I typed quickly. There was only this one time when the Bluetooth keyboard’s battery was depleted… I didn’t know it also needed to be charged hihihihihi my bad!


SMART BRO ACER ICONIA Mae Ilagan When In Manila -2


Now that it’s back to school season again, I highly recommend this to students who are looking for a very portable device for typing docs, surfing the net etc. It will also fit easily on your bags! And the best thing about it is, you may get this wonderful device along with fast internet connection for only P999 per month!


Be sure to visit your nearest SMART Branch to subscribe to this plan!



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Acer Iconia W4 Plus SMART Bro’s Gadget Plus Plan 999: The Perfect Bundle for Bloggers and Students


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