Abuela’s: A Family Heirloom Now Shared with Everyone

Aside from servicing Somerset Millennium Makati breakfast for their guests, Abuela’s serves lunch and dinner, as well. They have a function room that can fit 30-40 people, but the whole restaurant can fit up to 100 people. They started serving breakfast for Somerset last September, but opened as a full-functioning restaurant last October 2016. Soon, they will have a Japanese restaurant downstairs, as well.


Co-owned by Vicky Tensuan, she and her cousins opened a quaint and cozy restaurant called Abuela’s. Chefs Marco Legasto heads the kitchen, produces amazing palpable dishes centered on Spanish-inspired food. What sets this restaurant and their menu apart from the rest is that it is centered on family. Why? It is guided by recipes passed down from one generation to the next.

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As representatives of WhenInManila.com, Mimai Cabugnason and I joined other bloggers and writers, in trying some dishes at Abuela’s: Heirloom Meals with a Twist of Modern! Check out the list below!


Iced Tea (Php85) and Abuela’s Chips with Aioli Dip

The Philippines is a tropical country where it is always hot! Freshen up your day with the Abuela’s style Iced Tea. It has the right amount of ice and balances its sweetness with its aftertaste.

It is also a must to start the Abuela’s experience with a batch of light and crispy Abuela’s chips. The Mediterranean-inspired dip made of garlic and olive oil brings out the taste of the chips.


Abuela’s Roast Beef (Php3,800)

Of course, this is Abuela’s ultimate bestseller! How can it not be? The U.S. Angus meat is tender with the right balance of pinkish center and the exterior is grilled to brownish perfection! Although Abuela’s accepts both reservations and walk-in clientele, it is best to order this delightful dish in advance because it takes a while to prepare this to be perfectly tender. This dish can serve 6 to 8 people.


Kare Kare Risotto (Php460)

This is the 2nd best selling dish of Abuela’s! To the extent that some order this dish even for breakfast. Why so? This Philippine stew is famous for the peanut-butter infused sauce. You’d taste the Abuela’s style in the creaminess of the sauce which is rightfully balanced for the delicately soft meat on top of the textured risotto.


Abuela’s Pochero (Php510)

This isn’t your normal pochero! There is a bit of a thick, earthy feel to its aftertaste. Fret not! Unlike the usual pochero, which only has cabbage, banana and cubed beef in a sweet soup, the Abuela style has slices of chorizo in it! The dish is served in a unique, modern and minimalist way. The broth comes separately in a small carafe and is poured by the server once you are ready to bask in a scrumptious meal.


Bagnet with Thai Sauce (Php290)

Banget is often mistaken to be the same as lechon kawali. Tasting Abuela’s take on this all-time favorite Filipino dish is a must! You will definitely see and taste the difference. PLUS, it comes with a Thai sauce that will surprise and surpass the expectations of your palate.


Bone Marrow Rice (Php480)

Sounds very deadly, but don’t be fooled by the name. There is no oiliness and no saltiness in this dish.


Fish topped with Wild Mushroom (Php520)

Not fond of eating pork or beef? No worries! This dish is the right one for you! The fresh lapu-lapu or grouper fish is moist and cut just right for one serving. Topped with truffle mushroom and sauce, the dish has an “oomph” in its soft fish meat. It is partnered with sweet, buttered mashed potato and vegetables.

Abuela Dessert

Chocolate Cake (Php250) and Rum Cake (Php150)

To cap of your scrumptious experience in Abuela’s, try their two sought-after desserts: the chocolate cake and the rum cake. If you do not have a sweet tooth, it’s totally fine! Each one is perfectly moist and creamy.

Next time you think of a place to dine in with your family or catch up with your friends, this is the best place to go for some home-made goodness.


Somerset Millennium Makati, 104 Aguirre, Legaspi Village, Makati

(02) 8052713


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Abuelas

Instagram: @abuelasmanila