About 100 Dogs In Bulacan Will Be Euthanized Soon Unless Adopted

An estimated 103 dogs are in danger of being euthanized at the local pound of San Jose Del Monte City, Bulacan. The San Jose Del Monte Veterinary Hospital in Bulacan badly needs these dogs to be adopted soon so that they will not be forced to put them down. The date set for their euthanization was last June 21, Friday but this has been extended for a short time thanks to the efforts of advocates.

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Dr. Alejandro Enciso, from the SJDM Regulatory Servince Division, explained to GMA: “Pag nakikita namin na may mga nag-a-adopt, we extend. ‘Yung euthanasia, last recourse na namin yon. Kung talagang walang a-adopt, ‘yung matitira, sinu-subject naman to euthanasia.” [If we see that there are interested adopters, we extend. Euthanasia is our last recourse. If there is really no one willing to adopt them, we are forced to euthanize those that are left.]

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The Pawssion Project, a Bacolod-based nonprofit group geared towards the protection of strays, has been busy mobilizing volunteers and calling for donations to rescue these 103 dogs. They posted on their Instagram story that the rescue would take place sometime this week with further details to be announced. Upon talking to them, they have confirmed that local pound has agreed to hold off on the euthanization as long as they can commit to rescuing all the dogs.

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Sorry to break the bubble, but while we are rejoicing about the success of Muntinlupa rescue operation, 100 dogs are currently on death row in Bulacan❗️ They were supposed to be euthanized yesterday (Friday) but with people coming to adopt, they decided to extend it. We did one rescue operation in Bulacan and we commend how clean the pound is and how accommodating their staff are. They also offer spay and neuter operations — but really, 100 is too much. It felt like the dogs are looked upon as garbage already. Again, we do not question the fact that the community has to be protected from rabies, but IMPOUNDING AND KILLING THESE DOGS ARE NOT THE ONLY SOLUTIONS. It is about time we all step up and come together to be their voice. It does not matter which animal welfare group or shelter your support or belong to, we all should work together for the sake of these voiceless creatures! Bulacan adoption fee is also PHP500 per dog which includes anti rabies shot upon release. So adoption fees alone would cost PHP50,000 unless more and more people would be more open to the idea of adoption. We will be organizing rescue operation next week and we need all the help that we can get. We need the following: • Volunteers. Lots of volunteers. • Cages • Leashes and Collars • Transportation • And donations/pledges for transpo, vetting and adoption fees of the dogs • But most importantly, ADOPTERS. 100 is a big number and we would need your help. If you are a part of a different rescue group or if you have a shelter that you can offer for some of the dogs, then we need you now more than ever. Let’s work together for the voiceless! Donations may be made through: • Paypal pawssionproject@gmail.com • BPI savings 3349032421 • Gcash 09778210271 •Go Fund Me – https://www.gofundme.com/pawssion-project?member=1217580 AND EVERY EFFORT TO ADVOCATE AND SPREAD THE WORD GO A LONG WAY! Please coordinate with us if you want to be part of this rescue mission next week. (Weekday cause pound is closed on weekends) #ALLLIVESMATTER https://www.gmanetwork.com/news/news/metro/698433/100-dogs-in-bulacan-pound-to-be-euthanized-unless-adopted-soon/story/

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Should you be interested to adopt or assist you may contact The Pawssion Project through their Instagram account. They are also looking for volunteers, monetary donations, items like cages, leashes, and collars, and help with fencing of a temporary shelter. A little help can go a long way and there are so many little things we can do to help!

How do you think we can address the problem of strays in the Philippines?

Photos courtesy of The Pawssion Project


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