A Parent’s How-To Guide on Surviving La Union with Your Kid

I love La Union, I feel like I’m in a little part of California with its booming businesses while keeping its intimate surf town vibe. I love thew glassy waves on a good day and was even happier to share this with my toddler daughter as well. Safe to say, we’ll definitely return. Here’s how to survive Elyu with a kid.


Flotsam and Jetsam
If you want to splurge for a beautiful front yard where your kids can run around and indulge in, choose Flotsam and Jetsam Hostel for their artsy vibe and spacious rooms. Your kids will also enjoy the number of free-roaming cats and dogs you can be friendly with at the outdoor bar.


Photo from Flotsam and Jetsam

Mona Liza Surf Resort
Beachfront rooms are definitely pricey but Mona Lisa has rooms that are as low as Php 3,500 which can be shared by 4-5 people including amenities like a ref in one, and a television in another. Wi-Fi is a plus. Also, Le Point Bar shares a space at the resort and is the best spot to watch the famous La Union sunset over a cold beer or a mojito.


Photo from: Monaliza Surf Resort


El Union
Need your caffeine hit? Head to El Union for La Union’s best coffee and have your kid indulge in their addicting grilled cheese sandwiches over a glass of milk, while you wake yourself up with a cold brew latte.


Photo from: El Union

Nak Nak Store
Grab some pancakes or a silog meal for less than Php 100 in this surf town hole-in-the-wall. If you love your veggies, do try their Caesar Salad. You won’t regret it.


To do

It’s the beach! Build sandcastles and play on the shore with your kid. If the waves are steady and the current is non-existent, go for a dip in the ocean or get have your kid sign up for surf lessons with a certified instructor.
At night, relax at an outdoor bar so you can wind down with a few drinks while your kid plays under the stars or makes new friends. Some of our favorites include Le Point Bar, Flotsam and Jetsam’s Hungry Nomad and The Ol’ Pub.


If you have a vehicle, visit La Union’s other tourist attractions like Tangadan Falls or the Bahay na Bato! Or go check out the other beaches around the area either for surfing or relaxing by the sand. Just ask the locals where!


Olas Banditos
Go crazy with Tex-Mex. Try everything if you can because from their burritos to their flautas, you won’t be disappointed. Kids’ favorites include the cheese fries and the quesadillas. Indulge in your inner alcoholic and get a margarita pitcher to take away a bit of the edge of parenting.


Photo from: Olas Banditos

Buy an adobo or pares rice meal for less than Php 100 that even your picky eater will eat. The only downside is that it can get a bit full especially after the afternoon surf session, but they do have take out as an option. Oh, and cold cheap beer.


Photo from: Tagpuan

Finally, if you’re taking a bus to La Union, I suggest Partas for a direct line to San Juan. They also have the deluxe bus which has couch-like chairs and more leg room, and only costs Php 100 more. Do leave at night if you can so that the kids are asleep the whole time.

Going home, take a tricycle from San Juan to the Partas bus station at the next town in San Fernando. This sure beats chasing a bus down the highway.
Happy New Year and Happy Travelling!

Do you have any survival travel tips? Share with us below!


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