Join the Revolution Brewing in Makati! 7 Places You Can Get Local Craft Beer on Tap

They say a revolution is brewing, and outwardly so against the bigwigs of the liquor industry. With a growing number of beer aficionados taking their devotion to the libation a notch higher and creating their own brand of passion juice, the local craft beer industry is well and good. Having expanded from key cities in the Philippines to various provinces, adding their own local spin to beers, it seems that the Filipino palate can’t get enough of craft brews, as seen by its growing market.

Local craft beer tastes its best fresh from the tap, and after work (5-thirsty, anyone?). So for all those stuck in Makati during the rush hour, we’ve listed a few bars that you can hole up in for hours, alone or not, with a fresh pint of local handcrafted brews.

You’re welcome.



7. Hooch

Located in the upscale neighborhood of Salcedo, Hooch takes its drinking very seriously. From their own take on cocktails to their signature drinks, the bar serves its alcohol without apprehension, and does the same with its local craft beer. Hooch has four variations on tap and at very reasonable prices, the Wild Ride IPA, Pirate’s IPA, Extra Strong Beer (ESB) and Black Bitch (their Stout).


Photo from: Hooch

6. Smoky Bastard

With so many beers from imported to local craft bottles, Smoky Bastard is a mecca for beer lovers in the hippest food court in Makati, Hole In The Wall. Conjoined to its carnivorous brother, Mr. Delicious, Smoky Bastard offers home-brewed beers on tap to go with its Pastrami Sandwiches and homemade smoked meats.


Photo from: Craft Beer Asia

5. Belle & Dragon

Step into this bar and you’ll easily be transported to another place and time (considering the Narnia-like vibe of the hidden whiskey bar behind a closet). High ceilings complemented by polished wooden floors and furniture make Belle & Dragon an easy target for yuppies and expats to call their local watering hole in Legaspi’s spirited neighborhood. Add their selection of local craft beers on tap including Pedro, Joe’s Brew and De Puta Madre, and you’ve easily found a spot you can brunch with beer and drink all night.


Photo from: Belle & Dragon

4. Charlie Does Manila

The Manila leg of Charlie Does Baler is a hidden alcove at Amorsolo Street where one can indulge in healthy meals that point the spotlight to affordable organic and vegan dishes. With local brews on tap that include Baler Brew and 63 North Brewing Co. on tap, the experience of sustainable dining becomes far from intimidating – a concept Charlie Does truly pushes for.


Photo from: Charlie Does Manila

3. Backyard Kitchen & Brew

Circuit is one of those places in Makati that has been drawing a number of people to its side of town. One of the notable dining establishments in the area is Backyard Kitchen & Brew, known for their farm-to-table and localized approach to their dishes. Their passion for the handcrafted also extends to their beers where they display Joe’s Brew’s Fishrider Pale Ale and Sierra Madre Wheat Ale on tap.



2. Bravo! Sports Bar

The home of Pivo Praha Microbrewery and Bravo Best Foods serves international fare, leaning mostly towards Italian cuisine. Their pizzas, risottos and pastas have been recommended to many of its visitors, but none come even close to their fresh home brews on tap. Choose from Wheat, Pilsner or Lager draft beers to complement the night.


 Photo from: Pivo Praha


1. Alamat Filipino Pub & Deli

Seriously Pinoy, Alamat offers heritage Filipino cuisine with a contemporary twist conceptualized by Chef Nin͂o Laus. Apart from their unique take on regional dishes, Alamat is a haven for local craft beer which they proudly offer on tap – all 15 of them purely dedicated to local brews from all around the country, including one reserved especially for home brewers.


Photo from: Alamat

The evolution of craft beer in the Philippines continues because there is an increasing number of patrons who frequent bars and pubs looking for local craft brews, which honestly taste even better on tap.


And where better to find a trove of watering holes and taverns that serve local craft beer on tap than the bustling city of Makati. And it’s easy to see why driven, passionate and innovative individuals are attracted to the city. Its work-play balance allows it to become a playground for creativity, just like The Ellis. Situated in Salcedo’s CBD, it offers a space where one can merge passion and flexibility. A unique addition to the growing community, The Ellis pushed boundaries with its one-of-a-kind living concept.

Any places you frequent for some local craft brews? Let us know!