Join a Surf Fitness Retreat on Oct 21-23 @ San Juan, La Union with Flow Retreats

Take your surfing up a notch in a 3-day surf fitness retreat! Our program aims to help you improve core strength, balance, power and flexibility in surfing through yoga and circuit training. This retreat is designed to improve your surf skills and to train you to surf better. It is also a great weekend escape for those who just want to have fun and get fit!

Join a Surf Fitness Retreat on Oct 21-23 @ San Juan, La Union with Flow Retreats Flow Surf Yoga Samba



Learn the basics of surfing, paddling and popping up on a board. Lessons start on land and will proceed to the ocean after a short lecture. Those who have already taken surf lessons several times will learn how to read waves, how to paddle and catch your own wave, how to turn and ride the wall and balancing. Intermediate surfers will learn how to develop greater control of their surfing through paddling techniques, correct timing and take off and maneuvers.

Yoga for Surfing

Surfing and yoga go hand in hand and there is no doubt about the many benefits yoga can have on surfing. Stretch into poses to improve your pop ups, build core, flexibility, balance in surfing.

Circuit Training for Surfing

A power workout to help you gain more strength for surfing. Circuit training will be done on a stand up paddleboard if conditions permit.

Superfood for Surfers

Know about which superfoods to take to keep you healthy and fueled for your next surf session.


  • 3D/2N Accommodation at Flotsam & Jetsam Hostel
  • Daily Breakfast
  • Roundtrip Transfers
  • 2 Surf Lessons
  • 1 Yoga for Surfing Class
  • 1 Circuit Training for Surfers Class
  • Superfood for Surfers Workshop
  • Rashguard Rental
  • Goodie Bag
  • Flow Certificate

To join, sign up at

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