Siargao: Surfing, Beaches, Mangroves, Habal-Habal, and Pan de Surf

A tropical tear-drop shaped island in the Philippine sea surrounded by coral reefs and abundant with coconut trees, Siargao Island is popular as the “Surfing Capital of the Philippines.” It is part of Surigao del Norte province and is located 800 kilometers southeast of Manila. The common mode of transportation moving around the island is by riding a habal-habal (motorcycle) and going from island to island is via bangka (boat).

When in Siargao, here are 10 things to know about this island.

10. Cloud 9

Cloud 9 is a popular surfing spot in Siargao Island. It has a reputation for having thick and hollow tubes of wave. It is the location where the annual surfing competition called Siargao Cup, a local and international surfing competition, is held. Cloud 9 waves were discovered in the 1980s by traveling surfers. Its name came from the local chocolate bar of the same name. Cloud 9 may be a good surfing spot but some surfers find it crowded. So if you are looking for aless crowded place, you can go to General Luna cemetery, which locals simply call cemetery.

Siargao Island(2) Siargao Island(4) Siargao Island(6)

9. Habal-habal

Riding a habal-habal costs P10 per person for short distance travel. Two people can ride one habal-habal. If you’re ‘fit’ then three people can ride one vehicle.

Siargao (1)

8. Motorcycle Rental

You can rent a motorcycle for P500 per day.

7. Cheap Accommodations

There are bunk bedspace for rent in Siargao for as low as P300.

6. Beaches to Visit

Dako Island and Naked Island are beaches to visit.

Dako Island is a big island, hence, the name. It has a village and cottages are found on it. You can cook/eat food on this island. It has a nice beach where you can go swimming. It is also another surfing spot in the Island aside from Cloud 9.

Almost across Dako Island, is Naked Island. It got its name because unlike other islands in Siargao that are lined with coconut trees, this island has nothing but sand in it. Hence, the name Naked. It is a nice, long sandbar devoid of vegetation, perfect for a quick swim.

Siargao Island (7) Siargao Island (8) Siargao Island (9)

5. Sugba Lagoon

Siargao Island has the largest mangrove forest reserves in Mindanao and the second largest in the Philippines. Tucked in the middle of the mangrove forest reserves in Siargao Island is the Sugba Lagoon. It offers pristine water and in this lagoon, you can swim with the fish and stingless jellyfish.

Siargao (10) Siargao (11) Siargao (12)

4. Kayaking/Trekking

Aside from visiting Sugba Lagoon, you can also kayak at the mangroves. If you’re even more adventurous, you can trek the mangroves. Make sure to have a guide when doing this.

Siargao (13)

3. Surfboard Rental

If you want to go surfing but did not bring a board with you, then you can rent surfboard at P500 per hour. This also includes some basic training with an instructor.

Siargao Island(3) Siargao Island(5)

2. Siargao Bleu

This is the resort we stayed in (Thanks Epson Philippines!) during our trip in Siargao. It is said to be the only spa resort on the island and it promises to give a grand experience to any one traveling in Siargao. It has an outdoor pool that gives an amazing view of the sea. It is around 500 meters away from Cloud 9.

Siargao (18) Siargao (17)

1. Pan de Surf

When in Siargao, aside from surfing and going swimming on its lovely beaches, you should not miss having a bite of their pan de surf. This is Siargao’s local bread that resembles the shape of a surfboard. The bread is amazing on its own but what is even more amazing is how they cook it using a makeshift oven and coconut husks as fuel.

Siargao (15) Siargao (14) Siargao (16)

We would like to thank Epson Philippines for including WhenInManila.com on this trip to Siargao for the Epson Fusion 7 event. Fusion is Epson’s annual media thanksgiving event packed with new discoveries and adventures. 🙂

Watch the event footage below and see how amazing Epson Fusion 7 in Siargao is!

Have you been to Siargao? Anything you can add on this list?