A Day of Goodbyes On Monster RX 93.1: Delle’s Sign-Off and Rico and Karen’s Last Show

Noooo. Two of my former daily routines are officially on goodbye mode today!

Hearing Delle’s voice every morning on the radio had given me lots of inspiration before. From admiring the way she talks and hoping that I could someday talk like that, to simply admiring her strength as she shares about her life’s struggles, Delle had inspired me (and surely all of us) in ways more than one.

We had heard news about her goodbyes weeks ago and we were surely saddened about it but nothing confirms these more than the actual sign-off this morning.

Check out their live video on Facebook (and keep your feels intact):

But wait!! I’m so sorry, but this is not the last of it.

It seems like another show on Monster RX 93.1 is also bidding goodbye. This time, it’s Rico and Karen’s All Out! Nooooo. Personally, I didn’t catch this show often, but I loved it, too. I loved Rico and Karen, especially with the way they enthusiastically carry the show while all-out engaging with the audience.

Then again, some things really come to an end. Earlier today, they posted this on Facebook:

rico and karen last show


Oh, well. We’re still wishing you all the best in your future plans and endeavors; Delle, Rico, and Karen! Surely your fans would still support you in your next plans.

This is not goodbye. This is “til we meet again.” Brb, let me get my tissue box.

How do you feel about this?