10 Reasons Why We’re Sad Delamar is Leaving The Morning Rush

In case you haven’t heard the sad news, radio DJ Delamar Arias is leaving Radio RX93.

1’s The Morning Rush after 20 years of being on the show since July 1996!

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Ako din may announcement,” Chico Garcia joked during the July 22 broadcast to which Gino Quillamor replied, “WHAT THE HELL?!” But no, only Delle is leaving. If you’re a fan of the show, you might be wondering what Gino did again this time. However, the popular DJ had already struggled with the decision for one and a half years, with her co-hosts Chico and Gino made aware.

TMR Delamar 1

With unsigned TMR books, here are some reasons from the rushers why the show will never be the same:

10 Reasons Why We’re Sad Delamar is Leaving The Morning Rush

10. Her Squeaky Disney Princess Voice

There’s nothing like coffee and Delamar’s voice ranting about the latest drama in the metro a la Disney Princess to perk up your morning commute! No more Chico and Gino teasing her pitch whenever they release their inner black divas. And sigh, no more future musical career for Chico and Delle aside from “Talk About Love.”

Delamar TMR 1

9. It’s the end of an era.

When Chandler moved into Monica’s apartment, Rachel told her, “This is an end of an era.” Likewise for the Kikay barkada whose chemistry is so rare.

8. The Big Reveal

Listeners became instant Titos and Titas when she announced that she was pregnant with Cooper. He was even on air sometimes!

7. You’ll need two bottles of whiskey when she’s gone.

Here’s the audio clip of her singing “Cups” as another goodbye anthem:

6. The Marie France ad jokes

Rushers love Delle for her bold personality. Pun intended.

5. Her selfless love

TMR Delamar 3

Remember that time when she read that news of a foreign celebrity losing her child? Thanks, Chichi and Gigi.

4. Because we still laugh even if her jokes are corny.

3. We missed her and she came back and now she’s leaving again.

Can’t you do TTh instead, please? 🙁

2. She is a “realist who still has time to dream.” 

She is level-headed enough to admit that the world is pretty much hopeless yet we know she’s crazy. Check out this hugot from The Fault in our Relationship: https://www.facebook.com/NikkoXCX/videos/10206158732077910/

1. My TMR Book hasn’t been signed yet.

TMR Delamar 4

TMR Delamar 6

What do you want to say to Delamar? Are you a silent rusher? Share your listening stories with us!