ENTERTAINMENT: Delamar to Leave “The Morning Rush” for Good

My heart is broken. 🙁

As a big fan of “The Morning Rush”, this is one of the saddest news I have heard today.

This morning, Delamar Arias announced that she will be leaving “The Morning Rush” (TMR) for good. She mentioned that next week will be her final week on the show. She will still be on-air though, but on a different and still unconfirmed show.

Listen to Delamar’s full announcement below.

It feels like it’s the end of an era. Delamar and Chico Garcia have been doing TMR for 20 years. The show first aired in July 1996.

The tandem was joined by Gino Quillamor in 2011.

Delamar’s last show will be on July 29, 2016.

The new TMR group will now consist of Chico, Gino, and Bea Fabregas.

Awwww. Here’s some tissue.

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