8 Things To Love About AdoraBella

Being a woman, one is expected to be as organized as possible. Like me, I am not “blessed” to be an organized person and my mom would be my lifetime witness to that (I still think being organized is a blessing! Hahaha!). She would always tell me, every single day, to fix my things and be organized… BUT I just can’t help it. I am not born to be organized.

Good news to everyone, especially to people like me… Adorabella is here to help out! Check out this special gift from them! 😀

Meet AdoraBella!

AdoraBella, meaning “Adored Beauty” in Spanish, was started last October 2013 by 4 friends namely Pam Sulit, Anna Gimenez, Joan Del Rosario and Erica Picazo. Starting with the goal to make a business they can call their own and guided by the principle to produce products that they themselves would like to have, the corporate ladies of AdoraBella ventured into things that are quirky, fun and useful for organizing.

Adorabella 2Excited for my Adorabella ella ella . . 🙂

AdoraBella products are inspired by the personal necessity of the ladies behind it and they are much willing to share their OC-ness to all! And just because I love and adore their products… and I feel organized today, I am sharing to you 8 things to love about AdoraBella!

1. The Calix Cord Burrito 

Adorabella 15Calix Cord Burrito at P275 per piece

Holding 3 cords and 2 plugs, the Calix Cord Burrito is the answer for your cables and chargers getting tangled in your bag. So much for someone like me, I can now organize them in my everyday bag! Saves space and keeps these cords easier to find. Neeaaat! 🙂

Adorabella 11I feel sooooo organized!

Adorabella 13So cute, and stuffed, just like a burrito!

Adorabella 12


2. The Calla Earbud Clip

Adorabella 3Calla Earbud Clip at Php 100 per piece

Always with your earphones on the go? The Calla Earbud Clip keeps your earphones in place. As easy as WIND and SNAP, your earphones are safely fastened. Plus, it comes with a hook so that you can easily hook it in your bag zipper.

Adorabella 4Wind and snap!

Adorabella 25My very own earphones winded neatly in my CallaEarbud Clip

3. The Mexican Bundle

Adorabella 5Mexican Bundle at P350 for a set

The Mexican Bundle Set consists of 2 cord tacos and a knick knack nacho. The 2 cord tacos function as cord organizers as well, so if you’re the type who brings just one cord, you can use a cord taco instead of the Calix Cord Burrito. The knick-knack nacho on the other hand, can house your keys and your coins..  You can also put small precious things like necklaces and earrings. 🙂

Adorabella 6

4. The Floriza Cellphone Holder

Adorabella 20Floriza Cellphone Holder at P150 per piece

Problem with high wall plugs leaving your gadgets hanging? The Floriza Cellphone Holder is your answer to that! Charge on the go without worrying whether to leave your phone hanging on the wall or putting in on the floor. With this handy item, you can surely charge in style 🙂

Adorabella 19

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