8 Restaurants Where You Can Bring Your Date for a Romantic Dinner

Dining out is arguably one of the best date ideas out there and for good reason. It’s relatively easy to plan and, for many people, eating together with your date is a great way to bond over a meal. However, despite the easy preparation, planning ahead is still beneficial, especially in choosing which restaurant to eat at.

That said, we recommend the following restaurants around the Metro to give you and your significant other the once-in-a-lifetime romantic dinner experience.

Las Flores (The Podium, Ortigas)


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If you’re craving a taste of the Mediterranean, look no further than Las Flores which provides a delectable Spanish menu. Las Flores is located at The Podium, right in the heart of the bustling city and surrounded by the various offices, commercial centers, and hotels in Ortigas. If you and your significant other are light eaters, you can order one of their charcuterie or tapas options. Otherwise, Las Flores is also known for their paellas with size options that are good for two. Moreover, if you’re planning to get a little tipsy, the restaurant also has an extensive cocktail and wine menu.

Shinsen (Hampton Gardens Arcade, Pasig City)

A veritable stone’s throw away from Ortigas is Shinsen, a Japanese restaurant popular with Japanese cuisine connoisseurs and novices alike. Located in Hampton Gardens Arcade, they offer various sushi and sashimi options, as well as ramen and donburis served with miso soup. Also, the industrial interior of the restaurant is surrounded by striking Japan-inspired murals, which is a plus if your partner is a fan of East Asian visual arts.

La Cabrera (Glorietta, Makati City)

If you’re feeling a bit fancy, you and your partner could dress up in your best outfits and visit La Cabrera in Glorietta. Boasting meats that are grilled the authentic Argentinian way, La Cabrera provides plenty of food options, from pasta to grilled steaks, fish, and chicken. Also, there’s no better beverage to pair with grilled meats than a good glass of red from their extensive wine selection. As an additional tip, you can opt to take the few al fresco seats at the front for a more romantic dining experience.

Lung Hin (Marco Polo Ortigas, Ortigas City)

Is your partner in the mood for Chinese food? In that case, Lung Hin prepares one of the best authentic Cantonese cuisines you can find in the Metro. The menu consists of dim sum and Peking duck options, among other classics. However, the highlight is Lung Hin’s fresh seafood selections, including abalones, prawns, crabs, and garoupas.

That said, the best feature that Lung Hin has is its location. Situated on the forty-fourth floor of the towering Marco Polo Hotel in Ortigas, the restaurant provides a spectacular panorama of the Metro Manila skyline, especially at night. So, to impress your partner, try to grab a seat beside the glass windows for a better view.


NIU by Vikings (SM Aura, Taguig City)


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So far, the restaurants we’ve recommended specialize in specific cuisines. However, if you and your partner prefer having more choices in a single place, you should grab a couple of seats at NIU. This buffet restaurant offers a wide range of cuisines, from local food to European and Asian ones. NIU is the perfect place to be for adventurous couples who just love food and trying new things. Be sure to visit each buffet station and sample the various food selections, including sushi, steaks, lamb chops, and several dessert choices.


Wildflour Café (Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan City)

Although full meals are ideal for dinners, there are moments when you just want to bond with your significant other over a cup of coffee and some bread. In that case, you can take them to a great café restaurant such as Wildflour in Greenhills. Wildflour Café provides a homey, industrial atmosphere that’s perfect for a casual coffee or dinner date. The menu includes salads, pasta, and burgers, with various coffee, tea, and craft soda choices.


Sunset Bar (Sofitel Manila, Pasay City)


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Located beside Manila Bay, the Sunset Bar provides the best views of the Bay’s famous sunset scene. The restaurant itself is located at Sofitel Manila and is dimly lit at night, providing a truly intimate experience for your dinner date. Sunset Bar provides a wide array of food choices, but since you’re already beside the waters, you should try the seafood skewers and platters. Also, what’s a better complement to your meal beside the waters than a cocktail? Luckily, Sunset Bar offers your usual alcohol mixes along with signature cocktails like the Summer by the Bay and Dapit-Hapon.

Tahanan Bistro (Lores Farm Subdivision, Antipolo City)


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Situated less than thirty minutes outside of Pasig City’s borders, Tahanan Bistro is a rustic, wooden enclave that boasts a nature-centered environment surrounded by trees and hills. It’s the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of fast-paced city life. The restaurant provides a casual fine dining experience with five-course menu sets that include classic Filipino fishes such as binagoongan and rellenong pusit. Also, try visiting before the sunset as the purple skies are to die for!


Whatever restaurant you choose for your night out with your partner, you should also remember that “romantic” isn’t really about the where but rather the who and why. The point of dates, after all, is to strengthen the relationship you share with your significant other. So, whether you’re choosing an expensive, upscale restaurant or your local karinderya, enjoying the time with your partner is what makes a truly romantic date.