8 Reasons Why You Should Join The North Face’s Great Camp Out Day With Your Kids

The-North-Face-Great-Camp-Out-Anvaya-Cove-When-In-Manila (19)


The-North-Face-Great-Camp-Out-Anvaya-Cove-When-In-Manila (1)


The North Face’s Great Camp Out Day is a yearly tradition that you should look out for.First Held in Nuvali back in 2011, GCO wants to expose kids (aged 12 years and below) to the fun and excitement of life outdoors. And each year, participants increase in number as more and more parents realize the benefits of balancing out their children’s sedentary lifestyle. Having held the two-day camping events in unique outdoor destinations like Davao, Mt. Pulag, Tagaytay Highlands, Mt. Apo, and Bataan, this year’s GCO was once again held at Anvaya Cove Beach and Nature Club in Bataan last November 8 to 9.


The-North-Face-Great-Camp-Out-Anvaya-Cove-When-In-Manila (4)

Grilled corn snacks before starting the Great Camp Out event


The-North-Face-Great-Camp-Out-Anvaya-Cove-When-In-Manila (8)

Sofia’s too excited to get in The North Face Big Fat Frog tent


8 Reasons Why You Should Join The North Face’s Great Camp Out Day With Your Kids


1. BUILD EXCITEMENT AND ENTHUSIASM. The whole family, especially the kids, get excited as you tickle their minds and hearts in the idea of a great adventure ahead. Who won’t get fired up with the mention of “BIG PRIZES, BONFIRE and S’MORES?”


The-North-Face-Great-Camp-Out-Anvaya-Cove-When-In-Manila (21)

The most awaited moment for the kids: S’MORES


The-North-Face-Great-Camp-Out-Anvaya-Cove-When-In-Manila (40)

All families got at least one prize: Nalgene water bottles, The North Face GCs, 3D2N Stay at Anvaya and lots more!


2. MAKE NEW FRIENDS. At The North Face’s Great Camp Out Day, you will meet a lot of families with the same purpose and goal as you. It’s nice to build new relationships among the group – meet new friends, new contacts and new adventure partners.


The-North-Face-Great-Camp-Out-Anvaya-Cove-When-In-Manila (5)

“Sofia and Ethan”


The-North-Face-Great-Camp-Out-Anvaya-Cove-When-In-Manila (25)

Zumba fun with the rest of the group before the adventure race


The-North-Face-Great-Camp-Out-Anvaya-Cove-When-In-Manila (26)

The North Face Great Camp Out Day Adventure Race: 14 teams, 1 goal


3. LEARN AND TRY NEW THINGS. This is your time to shine and be a hero to your kids. Learn how to pitch a tent, build a raft or rappel down a high wall. Cheer for your kids as they try new stuff too! They might overcome fears, or even discover new hobbies and interests that they never even knew they will like.


The-North-Face-Great-Camp-Out-Anvaya-Cove-When-In-Manila (7)“Kids and adults learn through informative lectures that covered topics such as backpacking techniques, tent pitching, proper outdoor/camping wear, outdoor cooking, and the Leave No Trace Principle.”


The-North-Face-Great-Camp-Out-Anvaya-Cove-When-In-Manila (38)

The North Face team taught campers on how to SAFELY use the cookset


The-North-Face-Great-Camp-Out-Anvaya-Cove-When-In-Manila (34) The-North-Face-Great-Camp-Out-Anvaya-Cove-When-In-Manila (35)

Survival guide: How to build a raft


The-North-Face-Great-Camp-Out-Anvaya-Cove-When-In-Manila (31)

It was pretty amazing to see how brave those little kids are – rappelling down a three-storey  tower.



8 Reasons Why You Should Join The North Face’s Great Camp Out Day With Your Kids