71 Gramercy : Reasonably Priced Dining by a Superstar Chef and the Best View of the City At Night

When In Manila, and you want to soak in the city lights, good music and great reasonably priced food, there is one amazing place to do all that on top of Manila’s highest residential skyscraper – 71 Gramercy.


Photo by yours truly : arlenebriones.com 🙂



Photo by Dux Dacudao

71 Gramercy may be known as a place for the hottest parties but don’t let this hotness intimidate you, in fact before any of the partying begins, you could have a good relaxing dinner there that wont burn your pockets.  Just be prepared, because the food is so exquisite yet affordable at the same time that you have to make sure you have a reservation.


The modern contemporary look of 71 Gramercy Dining gives you that vibe of New York modern and mixed cuisine.


And if you have to ask why, its that none other than superstar Chef Carlo Miguel who brings his over 20 years of culinary experience to your  palates.  We were lucky enough to sit down with him while all this sumptuousness was served .I know passion when I see one, and he definitely brings a lot of that in his creations.

A fresh way to start is with the Caprese Salad (PhP 420) which is tastefully mixed Buffalo mozarella, vine-ripened tomato, basil, aged balsamic and extra virgin olive oil.


If you are a cheese lover then the Gruyere Soufflé (P280) is definitely a treat.  Its twice baked Gruyere soufflé with a lot of cheesy goodness!  I already had a favorite early on.



Now how about Risotto with a lot of “goodies” as Chef Carlo Miguel would call it.  Yup thats a lot of crab and shrimp goodies in this one. Not like other Risottos where the meat in it is spare, this truffled white Risotto fills you good (PhP 420).  It is also a good mix of the flavors of Venice. You could say that Chef Carlo is more Italian than a French chef.




And what about popcorn on salmon?  Great dish with a twist is the Salmon Fillet (PhP 580) which is crispy skin salmon fillet with sweet corn, succotash, bacon custard & popcorn crumbs.  I like that its medium rare in the middle which gives a lot of texture in the mouth.



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