7 Unique Alternatives to Flower Bouquets

With Valentine’s Day coming up, it makes sense to start looking for the best gift ideas for the significant other. Of course, there are classic traditional gifts such as flower bouquets, a box of chocolates, and maybe a stuffed toy.

But if you want to give something more unique, or if your significant other isn’t a huge fan of fresh flowers, time to look for quirky alternatives!

Here are a few of the coolest bouquet alternatives to flower bouquets:

7. Crocheted Flowers


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In case your significant other actually likes flowers but wants to keep them forever, they might love these crocheted flower bouquets. It’s the newest trend online because they can last for years, they’re handcrafted with love, and they’re extra cute! You’re also sure to get extra points if your S.O. loves everything crocheted, too.

You can get crocheted flowers from @cydoescraft here.

6. Money Bouquet


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Want to really treat your loved one this Valentine’s Day? Just give them money—but make it special with a money bouquet! This money bouquet is actually massive, especially since it’s just as tall as the average person. I’m sure that even if this money bouquet is all just 20-peso bills, the presentation will still make it a gift worth receiving.

You can get this life-sized money bouquet from @bloomingrace.ph here.

5. Stuffed Toy Bouquet

This adorable stuffed toy bouquet is a great option if your significant other is a huge fan of all things fluffy and cuddly. These stuffed toy bouquets include up to 15 mini stuffed toys beautifully arranged into a bouquet. There are also a variety of stuffed toys to choose from, including cute animals and classic characters.

You can get a stuffed toy bouquet from @astonish.ph here.

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4. Liquor Bouquet

If you’re planning on something with a bit more kick, why not give a liquor bouquet? These liquor bouquets are customizable, and you can even include balloons, chocolates, and snacks for the whole package. You also have the choice of using mini liquor bottles or regular-sized ones.

You can get a liquor bouquet from Liquor Bouquet PH here.

3. Vegetable Bouquet

Whether your loved one is a huge fan of vegetables or you’d like them to eat healthier, this vegetable bouquet is a great option for Valentine’s Day. This vegetable bouquet is actually such a practical gift, and it also looks picture-perfect and IG-worthy.

You can get a vegetable bouquet from Pick a Bloom Flower Shop here.

2. Food Bouquet

Want to make sure that your date is well-fed especially on Valentine’s Day? Just send them a bouquet of their favorite food! Even if you want to give them a smorgasbord of all their favorite snacks and drinks, it is possible to turn that into a beautifully arranged food bouquet.

You can get a food bouquet from Food Bouquet Delivery here.

1. Salonpas Bouquet

Have you been hearing complaints about your date constantly having body pain? This customized Salonpas bouquet is definitely a great Valentine’s gift. Not only will you earn a hearty laugh from your significant other, but you’ll also help alleviate their body aches, too! Nothing like saying “I care about you” through a whole bouquet of Salonpas.

You can get this customized Salonpas bouquet from Surprise by Chai here.

Know other cool and unique alternatives to flower bouquets? Share it with us!

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