7 “Sana All” GOT7 Moments During Their Manila Concert

Written by Patricia Yap
Featured Image from @GOT7Official Twitter Account

Ever since the famous K-pop group GOT7 announced that they’d be having a show in Manila for their World Tour KEEP SPINNING,” their fans, called the Pinoy Ahgase, could not hold in their tears and excitement! 

Three years since the boys’ last concert in the country, numerous fans gave it their all just to snag seats for the show. So, when October 26, 2019⁠ came—the day every Ahgase had been waiting for⁠—the Mall of Asia Arena was flooded with lights of green, roaring cheers, hyped up fan chants and unending energy. 

With their Manila concert being their last stop for the World Tour, Pinoy Ahgases made it a point to make the seven boys (JB, Mark, Jackson, Jin Young, Young Jae, BamBam and Yugyeom) feel loved one last time on this tour.

In return, the boys gave back all their love⁠—creating moments that made us all say, “Sana all.” 

7. Jackson handed his mic to a fan

For Soundcheck Royalty ticket holders (I wish I was in Soundcheck too), many fans got to experience the boys perform before any other fans could get inside the venue. However, one fan went beyond as just a lucky fan. 

During the boy’s performance of “Go Higher,” Jackson personally handed his microphone to a fan; asking them to sing the chorus. One could only imagine going to the concert, but singing in front of your idols? Sana all! 

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6. JB in pajamas

Speaking of Soundcheck Royalty, fans even got to see GOT7’s leader JB perform in his pajamas—literally the cutest sight ever! This video shows how much of a good mood JB was in despite having just gotten to the Philippines a few hours before. 


5. Mark gave his hoodie to a fan 

If you thought seeing your idols up close was enough, wait till you hear about the fan that received Mark’s tour hoodie! Towards the end of the concert, Mark went to a corner of the stage and pointed to a specific fanboy. He even called the bouncers to make sure the hoodie was handed to the right person. Mark could not be any sweeter. Sana all may damit ni Mark! 

4. Water splash

The “water splash” is a trademark of many Kpop groups, and naturally, Pinoy fans wanted to experience the same. As the concert was nearing its end, fans saw staff members and the boys bringing in the water bottles. And they knew this was it. Once the boys positioned themselves on stage and splashed water on the fans, many braced themselves for the “blessing” that was raining down on them!

3. Young Jae compared us to Coco

If there’s one thing Ahgases would associate with Young Jae, it would be Coco. Nothing could ever compare to Young Jae’s love for his dog Coco, so when he told PH fans that night that we reminded him of Coco, we couldn’t help but swoon. 

“I think of you guys like you’re my dog Coco, because I feel sorry whenever I’m making her wait,” said Young Jae with a smile on his face. 

2. Hearing GOT7 speak in Filipino

Apart from the sweet messages that GOT7 shared that night, they lovingly tried their best to extend their message of love through the Filipino language; telling us “Mahal namin kayo” and “Salamat sa pagpunta.” Funnily enough, the boys even said Filipino phrases that we wouldn’t have ever imagined they would say—which went viral on social media. 

During the concert, fans shouted “Walang uuwi!” to GOT7 and they couldn’t understand, until our beloved BamBam caught on the words. Fans also tried to get them to say “Sana all” but failed; to which Jackson responded, “Ok, next question!” 

1. We made GOT7 feel loved 

Before the night ended, Pinoy Ahgases really wanted to make the boy’s last stop memorable. A special, surprise fan project VCR created by Ahgases were prepared for them to show how thankful they were for GOT7’s return to the Philippines. 

The video even made our boy Mark cry and hide behind his hoodie, while it made our tough Jackson teary-eyed as well. Afterwards, the boys couldn’t help but feel loved and many fans were in tears as well.


As the concert officially came to its close, you could see fans leaving the arena with teary and swollen eyes. Truly, it was a night none of their fans will forget. As Ahgases would say, We’ll keep spinning until the last page.”

Did these moments make you say “Sana all”? Let us know in the comments below! 

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