7 Local Instagram Accounts You Can Buy Adult Coloring Books From

Hey, it’s the heyday of adult coloring books. The fusion of creativity and form is now the latest relaxation inducer, and you do not even need to be a Picasso to color to your heart’s content. Revisit your inner child with these things and you’ll have enough steam to bounce back from stress or whatever it is that you’re going through right now.

The trending iOS app Colorfy allows you to digitally color collections like florals, geometric shapes, and other patterns:


Like the digital form of books, though, there is still a unique allure to printed paper experiences. Fortunately, we need not leave our houses to look for these and get our coloring selves busy. Instagram is one of the places where we can buy and get the items shipped locally when in the Philippines.

7 Local Instagram Accounts You Can Buy Adult Coloring Books From

7. @notyourordinarystuff

Here’s the biggest highlight of this indie seller: they always have generous sales on their account – around every one to three posts.  The response is also quite prompt considering the amount of orders that they get and the amount of followers that they have.


While the owner is quite private in revealing their name, they are very generous about the ultimate motivation to conduct this business: making a positive impact on people’s lives through art. What I like best about @notyourordinarystuff is that the prices of their merchandise are upfront and displayed right away.

6. @shopbonjourno

If you are not just looking for adult coloring books, but also cute things, then @shopbonjourno is for you.


5. @whimsy_palette

Popular personalities, like Love Anover of GMA Network, promote this particular IG account because, true to its name, Whimsy Palette has a very whimsical take on coloring books. They provide intricate and unique designs albeit few and far in between.


4.  @adultcoloringbooksph

A work-at-home mom, the owner of @adultcoloringbooksph used this Instagram account as a hobby or business during pregnancy and her first customer was also a pregnant mom.


It boomed due to the current trend and is now making waves on Instagram as a very profitable business that inspires people to be creative and literally add more color to life.

3.  @lovefroufroucrafts

This fascinating account highlights the creations of Jaelle Andrada-Albaniel.


She is able to make customized designs, as well – something that only a few sellers offer on IG.

2.  @manilacoloringbooks


1. @colormedoodle

If you are OC about your coloring skills, you should check out @colormedoodle as they also provide lessons on how to color properly.


They also hold workshops on coloring and sometimes even have sponsors like Stabilo PH.

(Special thanks to Ms. Caycee Centeno for helping me populate this list.)

We know that this is just the tip of the coloring iceberg. So, if you are a coloring book addict with a particular favorite store and/or have some tips that you want your fellow coloring book addicts to know about, feel free to leave some comments and spark a very happy discussion together!


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