7 Essential Tips to Consider Before Buying a Car

With how unstable public vehicles are in the Philippines, having a reliable car may be a blessing. Depending on how you go about purchasing- second hand or brand new – it’s ideal to have a bit of knowledge about cars before buying one.


That’s why attending car shows are vital. You’ll get a chance to feel, test drive, and talk to car manufacturers’ representatives for more information. Spotted this baby boy during the 6th Philippine International Motor Show last week.


Surprisingly, Filipinos have a knack for cars. We love and appreciate even the smallest detail like the positioning of airbags and the radio quality!

For those who are seasoned buyers, finding the best car is spontaneous. But for an average person like me, gathering pieces of advice is a must. I suggest to write these 7 tips down before buying your dream car.

7. Bring your trusted mechanic when buying a car

Mechanics are there for a reason: to look after your car even after your warranty has lapsed. Thorough maintenance is required to either old or brand new vehicle. Thus, bringing your trusted mechanic when buying a car is a great gesture, as he will give you valuable advice you’d need before purchasing one.

6. Read car reviews

For someone who has minimal knowledge about cars, reading car reviews is absolutely helpful. These car enthusiasts can definitely shed light on our worries about the car we are eyeing for. There are plenty of resources that are now available for consumers. The Internet is a great tool for searches and research for that vehicle that’s been crossing your mind for numerous nights.

If you are buying a second-hand car, you may want to read this article to help you decide.

5. Inspect safety and durability features

Again, you are buying a car to feel safe and comfortable. So, it is right and just to check for safety features. According to Jonmark Ong, a car enthusiast and owner of *Ethanworkx in Quezon City said that one the things we must consider is the durability. “A major consideration will always be durability. Our roads are considered class C ” or D” (I think) by car and tire manufacturers.


It means our roads are really bad as you can see, so they have to put additional support for durability,” he added.

Moreover, check the AC if functioning properly. The Philippines has relatively high humidity levels, so the feature being used the most is the AC.

*Ethanworx is a one stop shop car repair center. They repair cars from mechanical to paint jobs and are also a tire dealer.

4. Test Drive to check the car’s performance

Essentially, most car manufacturers offer a test drive. This gesture is to ensure consumers aren’t buying a lemon.

Toyota Avanza test unit

I test drove an Avanza 1.5 G last month and the experience was splendid. Surprisingly, for a compact multi-purpose vehicle, it has more power, improved fuel efficiency and an enhanced level of suppressing Noise, Vibration, Harshness (NVH) for a more comfortable ride. The new Avanza is presented in a 1.5 or 1.3 Liter Dual VVT-I, 4-cylinder in-line 16-valve DOHC engine that provides a maximum output of 103hp/6,000rpm, and maximum torque of 136Nm/1600- 4,200rpm.

Ultimately, the road conditions and drivers have now evolved. When getting behind the wheel of your potential vehicle, drive it to your standards.  Accelerate and decelerate at your convenience.

3. Think of its resale value

Let’s be honest. Cars continually evolve for the better. So, it’s just human nature to get a better one. For instance, if your family is growing, you’d need to purchase a bigger and more spacious vehicle. Therefore, consider its resale value. You don’t want to bequeath your hard-earned investment half-baked, right? It should still be presentable,dependable, and marketable throughout the next years of use.

2. Fuel Efficiency

Our gas fluctuates drastically. Therefore, purchasing a fuel-efficient car is advisable.


I love this fuel-efficient car, TMP’s Prius C. According to my cousin who used to own one, his P1000 gas consumption was good for about two weeks. This environment-friendly car runs on hybrid technology under the New Global Architecture or TNGA platform of Toyota Motor Philippines.


Think about this, purchasing a car is like having a kid: you also need to “feed” your car to nourish and maintain its spontaneity. So, consider a car that is fuel-efficient.

Visit your nearest dealer or ask family and friends for any recommendations.

1. Consider your budget

Be realistic about what you can afford. You must see the actual car, test-drive it to appreciate. Set a price you can afford and stretch your budget towards the sensible decision making. And when I say budget, consider the warranties, comprehensive policy, and other car insurance deals. It’s significant to consider these things so that owning your dream car is a sure worry-free moment for you and your family.

So, just to recap:

  • Consider your budget
  • Purchase a fuel-efficient car
  • Test drive the unit to gauge its performance and power
  • Inspect safety and durability of the car
  • Read car reviews and magazines.

I hope these 7 essential tips are helpful. Essentially, car investment comes with the inherent risk of caveat emptor, therefore it is important to learn as much as possible about your desired car prior to purchase.

Of course, make sure you have a decent parking spot for your car/s before purchasing one!

What do you consider most in buying a car? Did I miss anything? Share your thoughts in the comments!

This is NOT a sponsored post. Information stated are based on personal experience.

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