6 Unique Planners You Can Get for the New Year

The year’s about to end, so if you don’t have a planner yet, we’re here to introduce you to some cool and unique ones—well, not the typical ones you find at coffee shops—to keep you organized and on the right track.

We know that some of you take buying planners seriously. That’s why we included some really attractive ones here that will fit right into your life. New Year, new planner. May you fill it with awesome plans and great memories! Check them out below:

6. Where To Next Planner

Image Courtesy of Where To Next

Quench your thirst for travel! If traveling is going to be on your agenda next year, then here’s the Where To Next planner that can serve as your guide. Inside you’ll find ‘The Philippines ad World Bucket List’ and many more.  The great thing about this planner is that when you buy one, you will be helping out the Aetas in Zambales. One planner sold will be equivalent to one tree planted in their domain.

Price: Php 680

Buy it online here.

5. Kulayan Natin Ang Mga Drawing Na Lakad Travel Journal

Image Courtesy of Juan Hugot Away

Now this planner is the planner that we can all relate to. Surely, you have friends who keep talking about going somewhere, but never actually “going.” Well, here’s the thing. Go get this planner now, but don’t just make plans. Make it happen! This planner might actually inspire you to put color into your barkada’s drawing. It comes with a genuine leather sleeve and is beautifully designed to suit your needs.

Price: Php 1,250

Buy it online here.

4. The “Sana Payat Na Lang Ako, Payat Pa Rin, Payat Na Lang Ulit” & Other Wishes Planner 2018

Image Courtesy of Witty Will Save The World

Laugh out loud with this super witty planner from none other than Tita Witty. Inside, you’ll find entertaining jokes that will make your day even better. And, if you’re a ‘One More Chance’ fan who has been trying to lose weight, but to no avail, then you’ll absolutely love this.

Price: Php 520

Buy it online here.

3. Jacinto & Lirio Likhain Multifunctional Planner 

Image Courtesy of Jacinto & Lirio

Here’s a really cool multifunctional planner for you from Jacinto & Lirio. It’s definitely not your typical planner since it also doubles as an organizer for your bills, coins, and even your mobile phone. What’s coolest, though, is that it is made from water hyacinth, beautifully handcrafted for you.

Price: Php 905

Buy it online here.

2. Papemelroti Pocket Planner

Image Courtesy of Papemelroti

Same with other Papemelroti products, this planner is made from recycled materials. It is super small, allowing you to easily keep it in your pocket and bring anywhere you go. It is absolutely cheap, too! You can choose to have it for yourself or give it to your friends.

Price: Php 20

Buy it at Papemelroti shops.

1. Art Capitol Personalized Denim Planner 

Image Courtesy of Art Capitol

Here’s one planner that will let you personalize with your name and profession. Also, if you love denim, this one will have you covered. There’s a list of 2018 holidays inside, too, and a yearly calendar up to the year 2020 that you’ll surely love.

Price: Php 449

Buy it online here.

Which planner do you like the most? Let us know in the comments!


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