“Travel With Passion and Purpose”: Where To Next’s 2016 Planner

Wanderlust. It is the word that lingers on so many people’s lips nowadays. Traveling is one of the most exquisite joys in life. It is one way of saying that you are truly living, one experience at a time.

Some people get instantly frazzled upon planning their next travel destination, what with all the tickets, fares, itineraries, and the like. But Where To Next’s creators Ayen Dela Torre and Rachel Halili have just made traveling easier for you with their Where to Next 2016 planner.

You can start exploring the world right now! And 2016 is your year to make it all happen.

Where to Next planner

If you haven’t heard of Where to Next, you’ll be glad to know about them now. Where to Next is a “passion project” that reflects its creators’ love for travel, among other passions such as storytelling and photography. You might have known them back when they crafted their specially made planners. And, in grand tradition, their 2016 planner was designed to celebrate all things travel and art.

Where to Next planner

If you’re interested in traveling but don’t know where to start, this planner is the perfect guide for you. In a style that planner enthusiasts would love, Where to Next’s planner inspires you to create your own bucket list as well as tick off things on their pre-made travel bucket list of the Philippines.

Where to Next planner

Where to Next planner

Not only does it urge you to discover the beauty and wonders of our country, it also encourages you to begin exploring and trying out new things in your life. Want to try out a new skill? Always thought of volunteering for a cause? This planner lets you revisit these thoughts through their monthly challenges.

Where to Next planner

As for those who prefer the practical side of things, Where to Next’s 2016 planner could also be your way to go. Compact and lightweight, this planner allows its owner to set his or her own dates and months on each page. How convenient!

Where to Next planner

But that’s not all! For your inner child, this planner has something fun in store for you in its last few pages. So get yourself a Where To Next planner, allow yourself to become inspired, and above all, travel with passion and purpose.

Now visit their online store to get their unique travel planner for the year 2016 – and it’s worth only 580 php! Plus, if you really do enjoy traveling, don’t be surprised if you check out the store with having ordered most of their merchandise, because really, as a non-traveler myself, even I am tempted to buy their products.

Where to Next

Where To Next Store: www.wheretonext.ph
Facebook: www.facebook.com/wheretonext2015
Instagram: @wtn_wheretonext


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